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Yellow jackets, genera Dolichovespula and Vespula, are easily identifiable wasps common across the United States, including Northern Illinois. When yellow jackets nest in the cavity of a home they often use the home’s drywall for materials to create their nests. Elimination and removal of yellow jacket nests can be complicated, depending on the location, and a nesting colony can include up to 15,000 individual insects.
In some cases, yellow jacket nests in voids don’t need to be removed after treatment has been applied. After the yellow jacket nest has been treated and all adults and larvae are dead, preventative maintenance using repellents will keep secondary pests like dermestid beetles from moving into the old nest.
It’s hard to miss their yellow and black striped bodies, especially as they forage around sweet foodstuffs.

Spraying an over-the-counter wasp and hornet killer into the nest opening can drive yellow jackets further into the wall.
Yellow jackets are an especially aggressive breed of stinging insect that requires a deft touch and specialized knowledge to remove completely. If you observe “airport behavior,” that is, individual yellow jackets flying in and out of a hole on foraging runs, you’ve discovered an active, established nest. This means that only the thin layer of paint is preventing yellow jackets from entering the living space.
Yellow jackets are fierce hunters, and can keep more destructive insect species populations in check.
Proceed with caution, as yellow jackets will fiercely protect their territory, swarming and stinging.

This area would look shiny and a homeowner can easily on accident push through the paint thus allowing thousands of yellow jackets into the home. Most species peck on dead, dying trees to feed on insects that bore into the wood, such as carpenter ants, bark beetles and wireworms.

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