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Dufour’s gland – is believed to be involved with the laying of chemicals that guide other ants and perhaps the attraction of mates.
Gamergates – rare female worker ants which can mate and reproduce, keeping the colony alive after the queen dies.
Hymenoptera – the Order in which ants occur, the Order also includes bees, wasps and sawflies.
Major worker – the larger worker ants found in a colonies caste, also known as soldier ants. Mandibles – the ants main jaws, these are used for cutting, holding, fighting, and digging. Median workers – worker ants found in polymorphic species that are sized between minor and major workers.

Nantics – first born ants that tend to be smaller than typical established colony workers. Polymorphism – the occurrence of different worker forms within a colony i.e minor, median and major workers. Repletes – a caste of ant that stores large amounts of liquid food in its crop i.e honey pot ants. Trophallaxis – The ‘mouth to mouth’ exchange of regurgitated liquids between adult ants or adults and the larvae. And sometimes, ants are compared to humans, specially those people who are lazy or sluggard (We called here in the Philippines tamad or batugan). Ants are only little creatures with lesser strength and yet they can sustain their own colony's food.

And even though they can only live for about 1.5 to 2 months, still, they will just do what they were made for, work, work and work until they die. Ants are one of the most influential insects in the world, occupying almost every place on Earth. Now for this top ten article, have some time to read the top 10 gigantic facts below regarding our little friends - the Ants.

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