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Carpenter bees nest in pairs in soft, weathered, unpainted woods like cedar decks, soffits, eaves, and wooden siding. We’ve been seeing lots of big, black and yellow bees around our house and I’m concerned that they might be damaging the wood somewhere. The easiest way to tell the difference is that the top of our eastern carpenter bee’s abdomen is black, shiny, and hairless, while the bumble bee’s abdomen is fuzzy black, often with a yellow band. Carpenter bees often make their nest openings on the backside or underside of the wood, where wood is unpainted or unfinished.
The developing larvae emerge as bees in late summer but they won’t construct new nests until next year.

Our technicians should be able to find evidence if there have been carpenter bees nesting on or around your home.
If your bees are bumble bees, that nest should just be getting going about now and the number of bees will increase all summer. Although they are not social bees, more than one pair often nests in the same area and they are very active during nest building. They can also inspect for foraging bumble bees and can track the bees back to their nest site. The male aggressively guards the nest during spring construction; after construction and egg laying, both bees leave the area.

And bumble bees often hide their ground nest opening under a tuft of grass or a plant, or they will use an abandoned rodent’s burrow. Bumble bees are beneficial pollinators and control is usually not recommended unless the nest is in a location where children or pets might disturb the bees and get stung.

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