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Wood beetle infestation in the UK is extremely common and is mostly dependent on damp conditions for them to survive. The damage caused by the infestation will vary depending on the type of woodworm present and the extent of the attack. All of the beetle infestations can cause serious damage but correct identification is necessary to ensure that the appropriate treatment of woodworm is carried out to prevent further wood boring beetle infestation. You will often see round, oval or ragged holes which are the emergence holes of the woodworm and sometimes fresh bore dust. Woodworm Infestation or Wood Boring Beetle, as it is commonly referred to, is found in many residential and commercial buildings.
Where woodworm treatment is required, our product range includes water based, low odour preservatives which in many instances, require properties to be vacated for short periods of time.

Technically, woodworm is an odd description because the damage to timber is caused by the grub of the beetles and not a worm.
This Common Furniture beetle infestation in the floorboards is old and inactive.  The tunnels formed by the grubs of the beetle have become exposed as the surface of the wood has been abraded. This Common Furniture beetle damage is in the foot of a rafter.  The insects often cause considerable damage to the soft, outer sapwood parts of the timber while leaving the harder internal heartwood relatively unaffected. This active Common Furniture beetle infestation affects the underside of the floorboards and was discovered when the floor was opened up.  The bore dust, which is called frass, is produced by the grubs of the beetles.
With the correct wood worm treatment using our specialist wood preservative this can be eradicated, although the holes will still be visible. Death Watch beetles usually infest hardwoods that are affected by fungal decay, while Common Furniture beetles will attack any timber. We place our emphasis on correctly identifying the nature of insect infestation and in establishing if an attack is active.

These household pests include termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, nuisance ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, and many others. The holes visible in the wood are made by adult insects emerging in spring following pupation of the larvae into beetles.
This distinction is important because treatment of Death Watch beetle is also likely to require the removal of damp and decay. Oak furniture is somewhat notorious for these infestations, and 10 years old is not that unusual. This makes identification of Wood Boring weevils straightforward and distinguishes them from Common Furniture beetles, which are a similar size.

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