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A spider bite can look from a single red dot, to a large dot inside a circular reddish mark, to two puncture wounds depending on the type of spider which caused it. A mosquito bite often causes a reddish bump on the skin and can look pink to reddish in coloration.
A spider bite can have a variety of symptoms and manifestations, again depending on the spider which caused it. A mosquito bite is very itchy and the itchiness can last a few minutes to a few hours for people with sensitivity.
A spider bite can usually be seen on the hands and the arm, as oftentimes, a spider bites when a human disturbs it unknowingly.
A bed bug bite can manifest in any exposed area of the body, but they do tend to appear more in areas with thinner skin like the neck, face, inner part of the arm, and inner part of the legs. A mosquito bite can manifest in any exposed area of the body, but they do tend to appear more in areas with thinner skin like the neck, face, inner part of the arm, and inner part of the legs. Spider bites may or may not need medical attention depending on which specific spider caused it.
Mosquito bites does not need medical attention unless the mosquito is a carrier of a disease like Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, West Nile virus, Malaria etc. For more information regarding spider bites, see the table below and our other articles about spider bites. Being certain that what a person has is not a mosquito bite or a bed bug bite is important and makes identifying spider bites easier and more accurate.
Once a person is certain that he or she has been bitten by a spider, the next step is to identify what type of spider may have caused it to know what specific spider bite treatment will be needed later. A hobo spider bite is oftentimes mistaken as a bite from a brown recluse, mainly because they both have the bull’s eye appearance of the bite itself.
A wolf spider bite has fang marks on it, making it look severe, particularly if the fang marks are large enough to cause obvious skin tear. Spider bites may be just simple bug bites or can be something more serious and be potentially fatal. The brown recluse spider, for example, contains a dermonecrotic venom that will rapidly rot human tissue and can be fatal if left untreated.
The Australasian funnel-web spider is another spider that has a venom toxic enough to kill people.

None of these spiders ranks up to the most deadly spider in the world, which is the Brazilian wandering spider. Their natural creepiness alone has allowed spiders to become symbols of Halloween, but we mustn't forget their influence in popular culture that helps keep them that way.
Every year, thousands, if not millions of people around the world are bitten by spiders, but not all of those who think they got bitten by a spider have spider bites. More so, a lot of those thought to be spider bites are actually bites from the two more common bugs, mosquitoes and bed bugs.
There are bites which are not felt at the moment of biting and will only become evident after a few minutes, and there are some that feels like a sting or a stab as if coming from a needle.
The bite can also be at the feet and legs and a lot less common, on other exposed parts of the body. In the cases of the black widow, the hobo, and the brown recluse spider, it is recommended to seek immediate medical attention. More information about the hobo spider bite can be seen on our article about the bite of the hobo spider. More information about the wolf spider bite can be seen on our article about the bite of the wolf spider. Lymph nodes may show swelling and is a sign that the body is fighting off the spider’s venom.
Elevate the part of the body bitten by a spider to see it better and to minimize the spread of the venom. Identify if the spider bite is from the hobo spider, the brown recluse, or the black widow. If the bite is very new, wash it with mild soap and water or use an antibiotic cream to prevent it from getting infected.
With that in mind, it is important to arm one’s self with knowledge about spider bites plus how to identify and how to treat spider bites. Although there are plenty of deadly widow spiders all over the world, the black widow has become the most famous. The only 100% sure way of identifying spider bites is of course to see the spider actually causing the bite.
Anything beyond pain, swelling and itchiness can be a complication of spider bites and must be taken seriously.

For this reason, it is important to first rule out that a bite is caused by these two creatures before thinking it was caused by a spider. More information about the brown recluse spider bite can be seen on our article about the bite of the brown recluse.
But despite his extravagant displays of affection, many a male ends up as an easy meal for the always-hungry female.Spiders are efficient predatorsA spider can easily go from drowsy to lethal in a split second. Even in the dark, some spiders can make out the location of a flying insect — and jump up to catch it in midair.Fangs subdue and kill preySpiders tranquilize and then kill their prey by injecting venom into the victim with their two needle-shaped fangs. Spiders can only consume liquid food, so the prey must first be digested outside the body by enzymes that spiders spit into the victim.Spiders weave silky trapsVirtually all spiders have three sets of spinnerets, and many species can produce as many as seven different types of silk. This silk is used to create the spider’s web and to trap prey once it has landed in the web.
Some spider webs also give off phero-mones, which can attract the opposite sex.Wrapped up in the momentIn some spider species, the male first spins a web, pinning the female to its surface before climbing on top and mating from above by inserting his palpi in her genital opening. While mating, both spiders hang upside down from a thread of silk that the male has attached to the female’s web.
In some cases, she bites him to death and starts to eat him — even as his body continues mating. Unlike many other spider species, the female rarely injures or eats the male.They build a special, protective homeThe vast majority of spiders typically begin their lives encapsulated with a large number of siblings in an egg case, which is made by the female in order to protect her eggs.
Male water spiders are usually larger than females; this is one of the few spider species in which the male dares to stay with the female until she has laid her eggs. Some males even turn the tables and eat their mates.Starving for affectionAmong most spiders, the female is larger than the male — in some species females are up to 10 times larger than males. Finally, small males are easy to overlook and thus may sneak around undetected (and uneaten) in females webs.Signaling the call to mateMale spiders, particularly those with good vision, like wolf and jumping spiders, often use signals that can be seen and heard from a distance by females.

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