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Here is a link that might be useful: Direct link of the picture of evil pill bugs eating live plant! Karen PeaseYeah, having a bunch of damp woody debris over your garden is just asking for pillbugs. I also can't help but notice that you almost seem to take offense that others have told you that they co-exist peacefully with the pillbugs. Pill bugs are targeting my precious Gaillardias, both the Burgundy and Tokajers - in both my front and back yard. But there was always a pill bug colony at the base of the victimized plant, and when I spray the base of the stem all further stem destruction ceases. I have no mulch near these plants and they are in poor-to-average soil areas with no place nearby for pill bugs to hide and thrive.
I find this very interesting, that pill bugs have a fondness for established gaillardias, and that these bugs have gone out of their way to target them. Karen PeaseFor what it's worth, I mulch with grass clippings and never have pillbug problems. Sunni's advice makes perfect sense to me - the bugs are here for a purpose and it's not to destroy our crops.

But, it is a bit disconcerting that they are bothering people when they are not making their gardens a place they pull bugs enjoy, such as attacking the gaillardias. If i didn't hand kill them while they were in action, this plant would be cut in half just like the others. I covered my seedlings with pots when we kept having colder than normal weather; each time I removed the pots I would find the seedlings covered with pill bugs. AR HZ8 Sun-35)Well said Sunni - perfect answer to what is a lot of over-reacting to the presence of pillbugs.
It's a mineral which happens to be a fertilizer and also happens to kill mollusks, like pillbugs and snails.
Gardening with that wood on the surface and saying you didn't invite pillbugs is like putting out a salt lick and saying you didn't invite deer. Pill bugs ARE harmless in most gardens because most gardeners have learned to make conditions that aren't so favorable for the pill bugs that they have a population explosion, much less one that is coupled with not enough decaying matter for said huge population. It is possible to change your garden around so that your pillbugs just become cute little rollypolly guys that you can smile tolerantly at while they help break down that organic matter to provide your plants with accessible nutrients.
Also, although the pillbugs like to hide there, they are not termites and can't really eat the hard parts of the wood, so of course they are eating your veggies!

Either way you will likely be doing that all summer long if you leave things as they are and just poison the critters. That wood mulch is setting you up for failure in this area, because nature has an almost endless supply of new pillbugs waiting to move in to that lovely housing you have there, so killing the ones you have now will really just buy you a little time. And then finally, if you still feel the need, put down some organic slug bait while the plants are very small.
They perform a much needed service along with the bacteria, fungi, worms, slugs, and so on that break down dead organic matter and recycle it (so to speak) as useful soil.
I stand by my previous advice to remove the mulch (there are other problems with that stuff besides the pill bugs, snails, and slugs it harbors in large numbers).

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