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Killer Bees are zeroing in on women in Arizona and California, especially blonde women taller than five-foot-five. The Department of Homeland Security are saying that hundreds of women are being hospitalized because of attacks by swarms of killer bees. Women in Arizona are advised to take precautions when outdoors and if you have to get out of your car — run!! Wasps vs bees is a comparison one must be aware of in order to be aware when the time comes. Bees will not sting you until it is the worst case scenario because remember that a bee dies once it stings.
One thing common to both and a must mention in the wasps vs bees comparison is the fact that you are in for a number of stings if you so much as dare to get close to their nest.

On the most part, while studying about wasps vs bees, you should know that the symptoms of their stings are almost the same. There might be instances when you are stung by either of them and you don’t know what to do.
A regular bee will never sting you and will stay clear of you unless provoked to the highest extent. You will never be able to locate wasp nests unless you know everything about wasps and where to look. There is a way to differentiate and it is important to know as you learn about wasps vs bees by the stings alone. Both their stings might seem similar but you have to know about each of them in order to defend yourself.

They are extremely defensive about their homes and will sting you if you seem like a potential threat to them. Bees die after they sting and this is because their stinger is detached from them when they sting.

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