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Because brown widow spiders (latrodectus geometricus) can vary from light tan to dark brown or almost black and may have differing markings such as white, black, yellow, brown and even orange on the back of their abdomen, they are very hard to recognize! On the bottom of the abdomen you’ll notice the hourglass marking but it will be colored yellow or orange. If you have pictures of this spider, or believe you have been bitten by a Brown Widow, please post your comments below and send the pictures to the email address located on the bottom of this page.
Just had the privilage to watch a mudwasp kill, pull out of web, drop and after about 3 minutes find a brown widdow spider. I live in Tallahassee, FL, and I had a lot of these living in my back yard around the pool.
I live in Kansas, and a part that is infested with brown recluses, (on average I kill about 25 in my home each year, one year i killed over 50, 7 in one night, and this in normal for most people around here) it is the most common spider in this part of the state.
Well, still very few recluses, though I have killed a couple and a relative has near infestation levels again, but about a month ago I noticed a baby spider by the bottom of my front door.
Live in Kenner, Louisiana and just found a brown widow in our back yard under my 5 year olds table. I care for friends’ dogs and I see plenty of Brown Widows (more so than black) in yards around here.
I just was at my friend’s house in Westminster and cleared about a dozen spiny egg sacs out of the handle area of two of those city-issued trash recepticles. Once I put my hand on the front side handle area to re-position the trash container and felt something odd. Cause a brown recluse bite if done right the area of muscle will have to be cut out sometimes or the infection can be so bad that it will get in blood stream but not after that many years my bite I think though I was told was a brown recluse I think was a tick and Lyme disease cause all the issues I have now that no one will listen to me. Hello, I am in NY we usually don’t have Brown Widows but I had lived in Texas and MS and moved up here 8 years ago and I had a friend that came back and forth from TX for years up till March of 2011 so the spiders I see around my apt could be brown widows she accidentally brought up in her trips unaware.
I have seen them around my doorways under my stairs and in corners under my storage bins and in corners and hell I have come close to getting bitten to many times to count thank god they are not aggressive and run from me two came out of my shoes one day one out my shirt I pulled out of my dresser and one fell on me while sitting in my chair under the stairs.
Similar to the brown widow, Tan in color, striped legs, and a dark brown hour glass on its belly. One of my friends was sitting at home and said he saw a spider crawling out of the corner of his eye so he got up and caught it with a pair of pliers and he took a picture and posted it to Facebook.
Anyhow, about an hour after the bite, I started to feel pain on my right side of my body: ankle, right thigh, butt cheek, lower abdomen, right side of my back, and even a headache on the right side of my head. I live close to El Dorodo park in Long Beach, Ca and periodically find these fairly large dark brown spiders.
Also, I drove home and there was a very large similar looking lighter spider with a body shape just like a giant black widow. I live in Southeast Florida, and I have seen the Brown Widow in the window of my neighboring apartments, one on one side of me, and one on the other. I told my apartment managers to be on the look out for them, but they don’t seem to be all that worried as they are still there. I have heard and seen on the internet conflicting facts of weather the brown widow or black widow is more poisonous…I really would like to know since i have no car nor live within walking distance to a hospital. They are in trashcans, patio furniture, child toys, underneath cars…EVERYWHERE, and they are here to stay!
I live in Carlisle PA in an old farmhouse and just killed a Brown Widow outside my front porch. There are 4 different widows, Northern Black Widow, Southern Black Widow, Brown Widow, and Red Widow. It never ceases to amaze me talking to children and showing them all the different things and yes even the bad and dangerous things that live with us every day. We first encountered brown widows a couple years ago when we mounted a bug light in the back yard to keep bugs away from our pool.
Don’t expect an answer but sure hope someone will find time to answer this email, while stationed aboard the USS LASALLE AGF3, in 1974-76 in Bahrain, my wife was bitten on the back of her right by what the Navy doctor said was a brown recluse spider and to this day my wife still gets a quarter size rash on the same spot that the spider bit her 37 years ago, is this possible. Time for a reality check – Spider bites are very, very rare and other more likely causal factors should be given priority.
There are two key pieces of information in this article: first, the medical community must recognize the possibilities of other likely causal factors for symptoms sometimes attributed to spider bites.
When you mentioned that spider venom is usually more suited for invertebrate prey I immediately thought of the Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) whose venom, I’ve read, is particularly toxic to primates. I can think of several: one is that the genus evolved in south east Asia and is only relictual in Australia. In the garden there are redbacks, different orbs, leaf curlers, jumping spiders, wolf spiders and lots more large and miniscule. My most memorable experience was one year some decades ago walking up the hill behind the house and coming across dozens of beautiful coloured large spiders – rich aqua, bright yellow etc. Thanks for the comment and thanks for sharing – indeed, GLORIOUS is a nice way to state it. Nice post… but you do have Brown Widows in Canada, and conceivably BRS, since I know you do import stuff and the little guys are somewhat notorous for hitching rides in nice dark shipping crates. I was bitten by a white (light beige actually) Araneus diadematus as a kid, I collected a lot of specimens -most of which I set free a week later-, the white one I found so pretty that I wanted to study her features a little while longer. The key with spiders is knowing the ones that are dangerous, I think, and recognising that the rest are not.

I was comforted to know that the bites that I sometimes wake up with (not flea or mosquito) aren’t due to the 8-leggers that often find their way on to the corners of my bedroom ceiling. Spiders at Spiderzrule - the best site in the world about spiders, redbacks, huntsmen, garden orb weaver, funnel web, black widow, recluse, hobo spider, daddy long legs.
I promised my kid to give him a full description of this little spider because he's obsessed with insects. The Egg Sac of the brown widow spider is not that same as other widows and has pointed projections much like the old sea mines. Anyway, last year we had a really cold winter, one of top 3 coldest in 100 years, cold enough that it killed most of the spiders, last year we had very very few recluses (i killed 3 all year year, though 1 was 3 inches from my face!), however we then went on to have one of the top 3 hottest summers in 100 years, and by the end of the summer, the first offical report of a Brown Widow migrating up here was confirmed. Good news is they are not as bad as black widows, but I am afraid I am going to be seeing more. The local chemical store sold me a bottle of potent spider killer ($150 for about 12 oz) and I spray the outside perimeter of my home and pool screen every six months.
When we first moved in the house in the beginning, our carport was fine over 2 yrs until I started notice big spider with bright red-orange hour glass shape only at night! The spider she collected is a harmless orb weaver (trust me, I’ve found plenty of them). I lived in the same area as you for 30 years and just started seeing brown widows last year. Lauderdale Florida and there is a brown widow spider right outside the window of my office. Spray that area with Raid (I like the lemon fresh scent) and then look for other hiding places and spray them too. Specifically at residences in wher I have worked in Anaheim, Placentia, and Westminster – but they are everywhere in So Cal, Costa Mesa is no exception.
I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I believe now I do and now my kid is 17 and has had issues too like mine and hurt the same and no one cares.
Actually I found the 3 or 4 eggs sacks on a leaf then I turned the pot over (this pot had a rim on it) and found the spider with another 6 egg sacks . This spider is very ugly looking and he said he did some research on the internet and its a brown widow spider. I think he should have killed it but its a really nasty looking spider and when I saw the picture of it I told him that it was creepy.
I tried to hit it with the tip of my towel but it quickly ran up in to the corner of the wall. I noticed the orange hour glass shape on the abdomen but it was brown with stripes on the legs, did an internet search and now I know. I picked it up with tweezers, but it got loose after I looked at it under a magnifier lamp and rode a silk down to the floor where my husband promptly stepped on it. When i came about 2 weeks later 1 was gone and the other was turned over and i saw that the spider was brown and thought that it was a new spider and the old ones died. Not that they need my help, mind you, being fantastically competent to capture their dinner themselves. And over time that continues to work itself out via my fascination with them and my continuing to not-die despite the fact they exist and clearly exist a lot in my immediate vicinity.
I’m glad I now have something to show my whole family who keep calling me to get rid of spiders in the house.
They can be clear across the room in broad daylight & come right up to me before I kill them. When I returned her to freedom about another week later, she bit my finger quite fiercefully. As I have known (after my graduation in agriculture) that almost most spiders are farmers’ friend since they are categorized as a prominent predator.
Instead, they remain stationary and await in ambush for some unsuspecting insects to land in front of them.
The first two pairs of legs in most Crab Spiders are longer and heavier than the third and fourth pairs, and are armed with spines for holding and grasping prey.
So, this winter we had NO winter at all, (in the top 2 warmest in the last 100 years), and now it is spring. I noticed the spider about 6 days ago and this morning when I looked out the window I noticed an egg sac. The actual bite felt like someone was directly burning me with a cigarette, so I went to look at what was making my ankle burn, and to my surprise it was a spider. The thing that really creeped me out was a week or so ago I put my son in his crib and a spider began running back and forth on the mattress. But because widows are so small they are incapable of injecting enough venom into you to kill. Smashed her before she gets me or dogs, then smashed egg sacks one by one between my fingers. I failed to realize that the spiders laid eggs and by the end of the month i had 8 brown widows and about 22 or so eggs. I have never been bitten that I know of nut I always kill them because they always come right up to me.
Another is that they are venomous to another species that happens (but we do not know it yet) to lack the IgG protein we also do that inactivates the neurotoxic effects (say, bats or rats).

As a irresponsible college student of course I didn’t go to a doctor (no health plan) but I had swelling and pain aroud the wound for a few weeks but it eventually went away but to this day I have a scar.
It hurt like a forcefull fingerprick, but there was not even a visible penetrationmark let alone a festering wound. Never seen a spider this bright in Ohio before, especially up here on the lake (I live in Erie county). Recently, the very small widow spiders have been blowing through the pool screen and into my pool. Just one wierd spider I never knew, then couple months later, it came more more hourglass spiders under kids toys, bike, n wagon. I had been spraying the ones on the garage with a spray I found at home depot that says it’s for spiders. I was surprised at how strong the nest was, covered in slime that won’t wash away with the hose. They are ubiquitous here in central MN, although I never saw them growing up in far northern MN.
To me the puncture marks are too close to be a snake but are wide enough to question whether it is a spider or not. The front legs will move and the daddy’s will actually come toward me and sit on my hand, arm or even my ear. If, I recalled my childhood that I had some kinds of red pimples (about 20-30) near my elbow following the morning.
I thought she was pretty cool and is a welcome guest to our garden to keep the pests off our marigolds (we feed them to our birds and use them in teas, so we appreciate her job!) I think I want to name her Marigold, or Mary for short haha. This occurred in Anaheim and at that house and outside area where the dogs were at, I pretty much eradicated the Black Widow population: Spraying Raid weekly in their favorite areas.
My son has been bitten before by what I assume are spiders and I would really like to know what I am dealing with. I have been working with spiders for over 15 years, and I have handled many, many kinds of live spiders and I have never been attacked by a spider.
I even got a spider tattoo in my quest to embrace them (metaphorically speaking) and the complicated relationship I have with them. A fourth is that the mammal species in Austronesia have coadapted and independently evolved IgG. One corner has shelves, throw rugs, etc and it’s where I keep my rabbit since we have dogs in the main floor and no ac in the attic so she gets heat and ac in the basement. And then I remember 10 years ago when I lived in the redwood forest of Mendocino CA., when I got up in the middle of the night to use our composting toilet (the lid of which is always supposed to stay closed) and after I was done delivering my deposit, felt what can only be described as a bite on my ass.
As soon as I put him near the garden he did scurry for just a tick, but then came to a stop and became sluggish again. I am now waiting for my husband to get home, he will have to find this thing or else we are dead tonight, the way that spider gave me the evil eye I am sure of it.
We also had just sprayed for ants in that window area yesterday, so the ant spray does NOT kill them (at least not right away). In the end I find it hard to be friends or even peaceful co-existers when they’re constantly invading my privacees. A fifth is that it works on potential prey animals when juvenile (it affects newborn mice). Anyway, we get a lot of camel crickets and tiny spiders but weeks ago I caught a wolf spider that was on bunny’s blankie in the bottom of her cage where she often sleeps. I have heard they are the most poisonous spider but due to the size of their mouth they can’t hurt us.
They are less aggressive than black widows, and will often curl up and drop out of their webs if threatened. Generally they like to build their homes in places where they won’t be bothered, like under picnic tables, under grills, and outside furniture. Someone came in with a flashlight (when you live off the grid in the middle if the forest and get woken up in the middle of the night, it’s often the first thing you grab) and they flashed it into the toilet after seeing the huge red mark on my cheek, and lo and behold there was a Spider in the toilet. I called the Police department over two ours ago, they tried to pawn me off to Animal control and it has been an hour since they promised to come around.
Being people that believe in spider bites, none of us thought to look for another culprit besides the huge hairy arachnid looking disturbed on my shit. I have a Brazilian Bird eater she is 8 inches in diameter, when she gets pissed off at me for having my hands in her tank she lets me know. However, now I am fully satisfied with the writer that was not the symptoms of spider’s bit.
Don’t mind if they pick another corner and stay out of sight but I worry about bunny.

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