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Category: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From | 01.05.2013
By now, you’ve probably heard about the increasing occurrence of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) in the industrialized world. We have known about pesticide resistance for decades and the solution is to utilize a broad range of management strategies which include varying the type of pesticide used and incorporating non-pesticide management strategies whenever possible.
Scientists are also realizing that bed bug infestations cannot be managed by simply applying technology.
In my work as Yavapai County Agricultural Extension Agent, I have identified bed bugs in Yavapai County on multiple occasions. Below are links to publications that show bed bug eggs, immature and mature insects, excrement, and other forms of evidence with the on-line version of this column (see URL below).

Some pest control operators have started using bed bug–sniffing dogs to locate them and heat treatment to kill them. Everyone needs to learn to recognize bed bugs and their telltale signs if they are to be avoided while travelling and if they are present in your home.
Some also place their luggage in the bathtub as this is an unlikely place for bed bugs to be harbored. This site allows users to enter observations and anecdotal information about bed bug encounters – real or perceived. Those folding luggage stands are a good idea, but they can also harbor bed bugs or allow them to enter your luggage if it is in contact with the wall or floor.

Exposed survivors are assumed to have some resistance to the pesticide and they breed with other survivors making them increasingly resistant to the pesticide used. Most hotels and motels are hyper-aware of the bed bug issue and will take action and provide refunds when bed bugs are positively identified.
They can also be in used beds, bedding, furniture and other items we may bring into our homes.

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