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Horse flies varying in length from about ? to 1 ? inches long, are black or gray in color and often have large, brilliant green eyes. Similar to other blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes for example, female horse flies use both chemical and visual cues to locate hosts. The most obvious sign of a horse fly infestation is the bothersome and painful biting caused by the adult female flies and the symptoms and reactions to their bites.
Horse flies are found in most areas of the United States with more than 160 various species.

Chemical and source reduction control of horse flies is very difficult since they develop in natural habitats where insecticides, if legal to apply, offer little more than a minor, short-term degree of effectiveness. Since horse flies inject anticoagulant-containing saliva during blood feeding, some serious reactions may occur in people that are highly allergic to the anticoagulant compounds. Investigators have isolated many viruses, bacteria and protozoa from the sponge-like female mouthparts and their digestive system, but no studies to date show conclusive evidence that horse flies are capable of transĀ¬mitting diseases to humans.
Horse flies have a range of hosts that include mammals of almost all sizes, livestock, humans, pets and birds.

Deer flies, in contrast, attack moving hosts and typically target high on the body, like the head or neck.
Their wings are usually clear or cloudy whereas deer flies have dark bands or spots across their wings.

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