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Coats, sheets, pants and pretty much anything made of cloth can potentially act as a bed bug taxi directly to your home or the home of a friend or relative.
The easiest way to prevent bed bugs in used clothing and linens is to simply wash all that stuff then dry it on high heat.
Bed bugs have unfortunately become a fairly common problem in the US and in some places, they are getting out of control.
The best way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home at all is to check out that used stuff you’re buying at yard sales and garage sales. Bed bugs have been a nuisance all around the world since man began living in dense towns and cities. The main way we used to get rid of bed bugs was with harsh chemicals like DDT and while it worked, it was also extremely harmful for people and animals.
Sprays containing all natural ingredients work in a similar fashion to their more harsh counterparts. You might think this basically renders any spray pretty worthless but actually they can work alright when used in certain ways.
A bed bug trap is a small plastic ring or square that you can place in key areas of your room like on  your bed frame legs.
The easiest way for most of us to find an all-natural solution to our bed bug worries is to hire a professional pest exterminator.
With the recent scares about bed bugs seemingly everywhere we look, it’s a good idea to consider taking a pre-emptive step to keep these pests from becoming a problem in the first place.
In simple terms a repellent is some sort of device or chemical that bed bugs simply can’t stand. You might have stumbled across items like Bed Defense while looking for ways to prevent bed bugs. Sprays can actually work as minor repellents and you can make them yourself if you don’t have a bug problem and just want to handle things for a while on your own. If you see some suspicious bugs you don’t want around, give them a spray with something you’ve made or give them a nice blast of windex. Bed bugs, like any bug, shed their exoskeleton once in a while and are mostly active at night. For a lot of us, simply seeing the signs that say “sale this way!” bring about a feeling of excitement that can be dang near impossible to resist.  You never know what you’ll find and sometimes you’ll find the most awesome thing you never knew you even wanted! Well there are certain pieces of furniture and other items that bed bugs definitely prefer over others and once you know what exactly they prefer, finding them and preventing them from accidentally hitching a ride into your home to feast on you is pretty easy.
Lots of people don’t have room for a bed or have roommates and chances are that couch doubles as a bed quite often, especially if you’re grabbing it near a university.

Imagine your Grandma’s horror when that quilt you got for her infests her bedroom with bed bugs.
It’s always better to consult a pro than do something yourself if you’re not absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. You can actually trace these little bugs back thousands of years to Europe, Asia and Africa. Today, there are a lot of all natural and eco-friendly options available to help protect your home against bed bugs. You can use a spray to help ensure no bed bugs are in that bag of used clothes you brought home, to spray in your guest bedroom now and then as a preventative measure and more.
A pro will have a nice range of all-natural options and these will almost always work on the bugs in your area. These can cover a huge range of products from little plastic traps to satchels of herbs to little sprays that double as air fresheners. They can also add a pleasant smell to your spare bedroom that doesn’t see a lot of action unless in-laws or guests come to town. Mixtures of bleach water kill any type of insect on contact and rubbing alcohol solutions devastate anything with an exoskeleton within seconds. You need to know what you’re dealing with exactly because some elimination methods won’t work for some bugs. To get rid of bed bugs you have a few options and they will vary depending on what you want to do and how bad you’ve got them. Beds including mattresses, box springs, dust ruffles and linens are the primary suspects at any yard or garage sale. If you really need that used couch or mattress, quarantine it in your garage after a thorough on the spot inspection. Little plastic bug traps that you set under your bed or on bed frame legs are extremely cheap and while not 100% effective, are better than nothing. Like any sprays however, this can actually cause bed bugs to simply scatter and hide or simply avoid the treated area until the active ingredients dissipate.
To get the most out of an all-natural spray, use them in tandem with another bed bug prevention device. Some groups of insects have developed a resistance against certain chemicals and the exterminators in your area will know what works and what doesn’t.
This can vary on your exact situation but most people can’t go wrong with utilizing a handful of cheap and effective bed bug repellent products. These work mainly for ants, spiders and roaches but you can find specialized bed bug traps that fit around bed frame legs or you can find very advanced traps that emulate human breath that they are naturally attracted to.

That little red bump on your face you picked up at a hotel could be a bed bug bite and if a couple of them came home with you, that’s all it takes to spread them around sometimes not just to your home but anywhere you went along the way, including vehicles.
Bed bugs leave a hard to find trail but once you know what you’re looking for, you can usually figure out if you have them in just a few minutes.
Go over every inch of your sheets, mattress, box spring, pillow, pillowcase and nearby areas using a flashlight and as much normal lighting as you can.
If you only have a couple that probably came with you from a hotel room, washing and drying your bedding and any clothing you took on your trip I the first step. You can see bugs fairly easily in the sunlight and you can even give mattresses a good kick to see if anything gets disturbed or falls out. Repellents can be little sprays or plastic containers that contain chemicals or oils that bugs can’t tolerate. If you know it’s a bad infestation, set up a spraying schedule and they’ll be gone in no time. This is a common way to have a pest control professional confirm the bugs in your home are actually bed bugs. These can be effective in houses, apartments and even mobile homes and they will keep bed bugs and other critters away completely.
Not only do these traps catch bugs but they can be used to determine if you have them in the first place. Inside you’ll find things like cedar oil, citronella and other proven compounds that keep bugs at bay.
You need to be aggressive and use a multi-stage bed bug control system immediately if you even suspect you’ve got bed bugs. Usually, you’ll still want to spray your bedding, especially your mattress with a nice bleach solution or disinfectant though this may not kill all the bed bugs.
Bed Defense is a popular and affordable little plastic trap that doubles as an all-natural repellant for instance.
The savvy shopper will bring a flashlight along so they are sure they have the ability to check for unwanted inhabitants no matter what the lighting condition may be.
Passive monitors are usually made of thin pieces of plastic or cardboard and simply give bed bugs a place to hide near your bed or inside it.

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