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This gets rid of the source quickly and depending on the bug you may not have any further sightings. I use this type of aerosol because it creates a fog when sprayed rather than a jet type spray. To be fair there were some Coke cans too but the gnats were so bad I didn’t have time to take a survey. Roaches, ants, earwigs, gnats and even mice can be attracted to stored cans and from there they are able to easily move into the house.
Although the dumpster was well away from any homes the gnats were so bad that the people in the community were complaining they couldn’t even get close enough to drop in their bags of cans. Today was one of those days and I did just exactly what I would do for a small garbage can filled with aluminum cans only on a larger scale.
Keeping the storage bin clean is also a must as huge populations of gnats can emerge from tiny spills and build up of scum that accumulates at the bottom.
It almost always amazes homeowners when their pest control professional lifts the lid to one of these containers and a hoard of gnats fly out. The same gnats that have been plaguing them for weeks but they could never find just where they were coming from.

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