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Ants are the most annoying and irritable creatures prevailing in every nook and corner of the world.
Fire ants are more dangerous as they can cause damage to humans and pets with their stinging bites.
However, you can kill them in a natural way without using any harmful pesticides that too without causing any major dent to your wallet.
Try to find out all the anthills at a time to prevent escaping of ants through other inter-connected hill holes. We know that the Boric-acid is toxic for ants; hence bait is necessary to attract them for eating Boric-acid.

Watch out for the flow of ants for few days and try to change the ratios of the contents if necessary on a trial-and-error basis. These natural methods not only kill the ants of your beautiful garden but also frighten other ants to enter into your territory. If there are already ants on the plant, mix the pepper powder in water sprinkle on the plant too. Else, the servant ants will die before supplying this food to queen ant, which lays enormous eggs with in no time.
There are many types of ants and majority of them can spoil your beautiful garden for their food and stay.

If you use harmful chemicals and pesticides, the ants may die causing extensive damage to your plants and environment.

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