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1080 is a neutral poison working similar to an overdose of anaesthetic, the humane method of choice to put down the terminally ill family pet, or thousands of homeless dogs and cats by the RSPCA every year. Dogs and foxes are highly susceptible to low body weight dose rates and together with a strategic placement of meat baiting, makes 1080 very target specific for wild dogs and foxes. The science is not only out there, and in, but all the credible, unbiased inquiries held in respect to this poison, find it as an effective, humane and target specific way of pest animal control, especially in respect to wild dogs, dingoes and foxes. The real pain only comes in the form of emotional pain to negligent, or unlucky domestic dog owners when their uncontrolled wandering dogs come home fitting, salivating and dying in their arms from loss of breath, with such poisonings making up the majority of so called “non-target species” talked about.
Compared to the cruel mutilations by the thousands wild dogs and foxes meted out on a daily basis to both native and domestic animals, a 1080 induced death by lethal appetite of baits is about as humane man can get in ridding this country of such feral predators. Yes, there are a lot of economic incentives for those calling themselves environmentalists to frustrate the strategic management of wild dogs and foxes, ferals pests that are spreading over greater areas of NSW and Victoria south of the 5400km dog fence. Isolated pairs of dogs have been allowed to grow into packs of 8-9 dogs, or more, and were commonly seen to in packs of 16, became a talking point. Here is an brief guide on fleas, mites, lice and flies that can cause harmful diseases in dogs.

If baits laid (and they can only be laid by trained authorised people) are killing such animals, those specific baits have been incredibly screwed in their manufacture and such poisoning has no association with correct dog and fox baiting methodology. In fact, there is only one documented case in Australia of severe human poisoning via 1080 (sodium monofluoroacetate) and this one person that can be called an expert in reporting the physical attributes of this poison on a victim, had absolutely no recall of any pain what so ever. Wildlife taken over by Park’s management under the guise of conservation was in fact being used to breed dogs to drive out the commercial viability of farmers and hence eventually drive them from their lands. They are wingless jumpers that infest the skin and fur, though they do not usually live exclusively on dogs. Worse, flies can lay eggs and create maggots, which feed on flesh (especially wounds or in the ears). This same man expressed fears about riding young horses around his land, as in the unfortunate event he was thrown and hurt, it was highly likely packs of wild dogs would attack him before help arrived.
What a fiasco, as the first trial involved throwing meat out of a helicopter to see if and where it landed on the ground and a second $350 000 trial, used a dud batch of 1080 and failed to poison dogs due to inadequate levels of the toxin (some think intentionally) being impregnated in the baits.
What used to be colonies of well-protected classic dingo genetics are now running among domestic dogs on lifestyle blocks.

It is possible for an eagle, or a hawk to dig deep into this equation should they locate a fresh kill due to baiting, but potential dissipates quickly with body decay. Yes, from time to time a stockman loses valuable working dogs, but this is way the exception than the rule and although it hurts, most stockmen know, the baiting must remain. Big buck kangaroos are the only native wildlife left, and packs of wild dogs were pulling them down. Abundant native wildlife, bred up over 150 years on farms, forestry and grazing leases has been used to take national park and breed dogs.

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