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Breathing in dust that is contaminated with rat urine or droppings or coming into direct contact with rats and their excrements are the main causes of this disease. All of the repellents listed have one thing in common: they are organic – for our main goal is not to poison rodents, but to repel them with the odors they can’t stand.
All of the products mentioned have long duration, but it does differ greatly in respect of the type of repellent: a spray lasts a week and granules last a year. This is a natural non-toxic product that doesn’t contain poisonous ingredients and may be used at home with children and pets. This spray can be used against different kinds of mice: house mice, field mice, country mice, brown mice. If you prefer more humane ways of getting rid of mice without killing them, this is exactly what you need. The satisfied users explain that they are very glad that their cats, dogs and little kids will not be harmed. But there is one small disadvantage you have to know about: despite the natural composition of the spray, allergic people are not recommended to use it.
If the mice infestation is too intense, you should spray Rodent Defense Mice Spray about once a week.
Mice are deterred by mint that is why the first product contains this unpleasant for them ingredient as well as a mixture of various peppers. Remember that pouches work better in poorly ventilated spaces, therefore it’s more useful to use them during cold winters than in summer when you keep the windows open.
This product can also be used in the closets, garage, and other supplementary dens and even inside the car, as it is proven by the users. Unlike the two previous products, this one is considered more versatile and is promised to repel different types of rodents and pests during a whole year after treatment, even outdoors. A single pack of Non-Toxic Pest Repellent Pellets will let you treat an area of up to 150 sq ft.
Many people are afraid of dealing with poisons or having to figure out traps, and so they try to do with natural and safe mice repelling methods.
Direct control (setting traps or rodenticide baits in multiple locations wherever mice or their signs are observed).
Rodent Defense Mice RepellentIt is all natural remedy: no chemicals, toxins or poisons and it's safe to use around your kids and pets. People have long fought cockroaches, that’s why there are all sorts of products available on the market: baits, traps, liquid substances, sprays, and sterilizers. Nowadays, gel baits are the most popular Roach Killer as the mixture of poison and attractant triggers chain deaths of the insects.
The active ingredient is this bait is Indoxacarb, 0.6% which attracts and then kills the roaches.
91% of customers claim that this product is useful; therefore Advion can be called the best roach killer.
Toomuchstuff was even able to discover the best way to apply the substance: “I did not apply it as was recommended. We have used Advion against cockroaches ourselves, and we join those 91% of users who find it to be the most effective roach killer.
This product is well-known, it looks like plastic pucks with 4-8 entrances and exits for insects which, being attracted by the bait, run there, feed there and die along with their mates. The highest-rated (4 out of 5 stars) product is Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach, 8 Child-Resistant Bait Stations. Some of the users were able to find weak spots of this motel, though: “The downside to this product, at least in regards to American roaches, is that the trap alone is not enough because 1) the large roaches can live up to a month without food, and 2) they will tear body parts off to get out of this trap long before they die of starvation.
Glue traps, like Trapper Max Glue Traps 12 Glue Boards Trap Mouse Bugs Insects Bed Bugs Spiders Cockroaches NON-TOXIC are also simple to use.
The customers recommend setting up the trap carefully so that you don’t get your finger in the glue.
Another cheap and simple roach trap is Trapper Insect Trap (Great for Bed Bugs, Spiders, and Cockroaches) which includes 90 traps.
Raid 17.5 OZ Roach Killer is especially popular with the farmers as they have to get rid of all types of insects. Another universal poison is Ortho 0196410 Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray for Indoor and Home Perimeter, 24-Ounce (Ant, Roach, Spider, Stinkbug & Centipede Killer). For further information on repellents, refer to our article “How to Keep the Roaches Away”. If you don’t trust modern chemistry, or you feel pity for cockroaches to be killed, we’ll tell you about the oldest cockroach control product, which is 80 years old. As a rule, people place the tablets into the fridge, on the furniture, windowsills, in the gaps, behind the trash bin and sink, in the bathroom and on other objects. As for the reviews, many of the customers recommend using Gentrol as a supplement to the traps and poisons.
Rats live and feed from dirty places which are infested with disease causing microorganism.  These disease causing organisms find home in the rats legs and mouth as the rats walk and feed on the garbage. The disease causes intense headaches, chills, fever, nausea, redness of eyes, poor vision, acute shock, low blood pressure, rashes and acute kidney failure. They can cause untold damage to a business especially if you have a restaurant and it happens that one customer got infected and was able to trace you as the source of the disease. Professionalism, Top Notch Customer Service, Timely Services and Customer Satisfaction are the set skills that define us. The frequency of outdoor or indoor treatment depends mainly on 2 factors: the quantity of rodents and weather (if we speak about using the repellents outside). One of the customers shared their experience: “One cunning flying squirrel decided to use the post-box in front of my house as his new dwelling.
If they do, it is advisable that they take measures of precaution, such as allowing somebody else to spray it for them and not entering the treated room for some time. Monitor your house carefully: if you notice any traces of mice teeth on products, furniture, and wires as well as mice feces on the floor, use the repellent again in these places.

For a better result the smell in the room has to be intense, so you can put one pouch somewhere along the mice trail, and another one by the food should it be stored in the said room. Even though we come across various kinds of feedback, most users observe that these granules helped them get rid of rodents. They also like the fact that they are water resistant and non toxic, so you can use it with kids and pets around.
Unfortunately, this chemical substance has an expiry date of 2 years after the manufacturing date.
3-5 such dozes will suffice even for the most infested house, and a regular infestation requires 1-3 drops of this gel.
Consumers also state that using this poison 3-4 times per year is enough for fully controlling a cockroach infestation at home. Customers in the comments section claim though that this kind of protection is not sufficient for kids and pets. Advion has half a dozen rivals which are very similar, and the only difference is the chemical composition and price.
It is also supplied with 4 tubes 35 grams each, and it costs ~$25.79 Invict’s appearance is very similar to that of Advion. Despite unclear instructions, you needn’t use all 8 stations simultaneously: everything depends on the dimensions of the room and the degree of infestation. Cockroaches are attracted by an attractant inside the box, and they cannot get out, and thus they die of hunger. Since it was evident that the roach would eventually rip off enough body parts to escape, I got the bright idea to spray the roach with an insecticide to kill it and then replace the trap with a fresh one.
For only ~$10.45 you’ll get a set of 12 cardboard traps covered with adhesive tape on the inside.
The most meticulous users even recommend not relying on such traps as a universal product against insects. The remarks were made only by those who were hunting fleas and other insects and weren’t satisfied by the headcount caught.
We’ll also devote some time to the sterilizer which doesn’t kill but makes the females infertile and thus stops roaches’ breeding. The rating of this product is 4 stars, but despite this rating 72% of customers consider these tablets effective. The more tablets are used simultaneously, the more dead cockroaches the happy users will find. These are places where they find food and shelter and from where they spread to nearby areas.
Eventually the rats crawl into a clean house or restaurant, coming into contact with your food and other items commonly used in the home or restaurant. Our Pest Control service starts from the moment a client makes the first phone call, writes us an email or comes to our offices to inquire about our services. If you and your neighbors use the same rodent control methods, your chances of elimination the pests will be higher as they will leave your place and move on further. In any case don't forget to a wear a dust mask or other protective mask while using the repellent as it smells like hot pepper. Bear in mind to use the spray with more caution in the kitchen since here you’d better use some natural products.
The second product is supposed to repel a wider range of animals including squirrels, raccoons, rats, etc. The main active ingredient of the repellent is balsam fir oil which is considered to be a botanical pesticide. Along with the preventive measures (such as storing the food away, washing the dishes, cleaning the apartment often, repairing any cracks or holes in the walls of your house), using a few tricks when using Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent will be helpful. You have to pour the granules near the mice trails, around the house, near the entrances and holes in the dens and especially near the mice nest in case you know where it is. The poison exterminates a dozen of different types of insects, including the most spread types of cockroaches. I took bottle caps and plastic contain er covers and put the Advion in them and put them on the surfaces where I had seen roaches scooting about. However, we’ll continue our review for we’ve promised to describe all of the products to you. There have been cases of dogs swallowing these traps (they are somehow attracted by the bait) and of kids playing with them like they play with toy houses.
But frankly speaking, this product is made by a well-known manufacturer on the insecticide market. They are not easy to place somewhere inaccessible, but kids and pets will have a hard time taking the poison out of the small plastic box. It is obvious that the target audience is young parents, as even the name of the product mentions that it is “child-resistant”.
In addition, the inside of the box is designed in such a way that the insects get injured when they attempt to get out.
This resulted in wetting the adhesive, allowing the roach to free itself and try to scurry off.
According to them, you have to first destroy the nests of the insects (which Trapper Max surely isn’t capable of) if the cockroach infestation instead of implementing some aesthetical measures.
It kills and repels over 130 species of insects (most often it is bought against ants, roaches, and spiders)!!! All you have to do is put the small white planks in the apartment, open them by pressing on a designated spot on the case, and wait. Their best target in any neighborhood is the home especially where food is left over on kitchen tops and on the floor at night. In this course the disease causing microorganisms are transferred in those items and eventually to humans. All this is because one person failed to take a step of exterminating the rats at the right time.

Our Quality Assurance Department with experienced personnel verifies the delivery of our services through the performance of QA audits of clients from all sizes and types of commercial and institutional businesses along with a thorough client care inspection program. They are Rodent Defense Mice Spray, Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent and Non-Toxic Pest Repellent Pellets. I sprayed a little from the bottle at the “entrance” of the box and soon the squirrel disappeared. As all of them detest the smell of the urine of animals which are their natural enemies, this repellent contains a slightly different set of ingredients. It is also mentioned that this gel needs to be hidden somewhere inaccessible for pets and small children and should never be placed near food. In spite of this, the customer rating of this product is as high as that of the previous one, and the price is even lower. Surprisingly we have found dozens of comments stating that Combat kills the cockroaches in 1-2 nights, which is fantastic. The effectiveness of the system is confirmed by the dozens of comments from real customers. However, in order not to hesitate, you can read all if the customers’ feedback and see for yourself whether it’s worth buying. The only complaints would be the stories of parents who have to keep their children away from small white tablets which look so edible.
Rats have a way of finding unusual entry points to your house using routes you may never think about.  Most of the times, they will use open drainage systems and big ventilation openings.
The results are ill health and medical expenses.  Here are some diseases that are spread by rats.
Getting rats out of your home can be a quite challenging task especially where you are relying of pesticides.
We have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for the Annual Plans, Custom Plans, Emergency Services and Same-Day-Services. The manufacturer promises that a single pouch will repel the rodents for 100 days, but in reality it turns out that it only for about one-two month, which is quite alright to our mind. Many users are confused by the instant drying of Combat, but experienced customers claim that gel works even when dry unless it dried inside the syringe (you’ll have a hard time uncorking it). It kills both small and large cockroaches of different types, doesn’t require any special installation and exterminates its victim within hours. The cool thing about it is that the dead cockroaches disappear in this “motel” and you don’t get to see their corpses. You’ll find about 100 tablets in a box which have to be put in the places where there are most cockroaches. Once they are in the house, the process of reproduction begins and you could have very many born out of just two or three in a short time.
We also have Discounts Offered to Regular Clients, Service Plans on Request and Free Estimates to all our clients.
Both the manufacturer and the customers warn that every user absolutely must read the label before using the gel. I placed the 8 stations inside my house 3 weeks ago and they did not kill any roaches so far". Many women (and even men) are merely afraid of dead cockroaches: they are disgusting not only to touch but even to look at. There are no complex attractants inside the Trapper Max though the chocolate smell of the glue hints that some aromas were nonetheless used. The tablets don’t exude any unpleasant odors or harmful spirits; they simply lie there and wait to be eaten by the roach.
You might also not have the know how on how to go about preparing the product and how to apply it effectively. Our Pest Control Treatment Chemicals are Environment Friendly and also safe for Children and Pets. This motel welcomes not only cockroaches but also aquatic beetles, spiders and even scorpions (which is a big plus for the residents of the southern regions).
It’s funny that this thing can be called a transformer, as the box can be opened and expanded thus making the trap open and closed. The customers in the comments sections complain that no manual is provided, and thus they have to rely on their own sixth sense to operate it. Rats also target restaurants and hotels due to the sometimes low hygienic standards observed there.
That is where you can call the services of a professional who understand how to deal with the problem. Contact us for all your Pest Control Solutions and we will get back to you within 24 hours. They don’t attract cats and dogs, though, but kids can be drawn by them, and, in that case, the kid will be seriously harmed. Such an approach helps many people get rid of the cockroach, as the 4.2 out of 5 stars rating testifies.
Besides exterminating the rats, they also leave you with handy tips on how to keep your home secure. Both the official description and the reviews state that the discs are to be replaced every 90 days and that each of them covers an area of 75 sq. When working, Trapper Trap is supposed to be shut, but after that you can open the lid and check who got trapped. Turns out that this device is not only a trap but also is a means of monitoring a cockroach population.

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