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Silverfish is also known as fishmoth, paramite, or carpet shark is a wingless nocturnal insect with long antennae, and moves in a wiggling motion that is similar to the movement of a fish.  Silverfish is a fast moving insect that hates the smell of citrus.
Silverfish are general feeders however prefers to eat carbohydrates including flour, oats, dried meat, starches, sugar and even glue.
Silverfish needs high humidity between 75% and 95% to survive.   Female Silverfish lay around 60 oval-shaped eggs which take about 2 weeks to 2 months to hatch. Silverfish may go through 17-66 molts during their lifetime.  They can even molt 30 times in a year.
People who experienced having Silverfish infestation commonly spot them in their laundry rooms, bookcase shelves, bathtubs, sinks, basements, holes or yellow stains in their wallpapers, siding of homes, underneath tree bark, birds or other insect’s nests. Dehumidifiers can help eliminate pest like Silverfish because the absence of moisture in the air discourage insects to stay inside the house.

Buy traps and spray insecticide, Silverfish are vulnerable to several insecticide products in the market today.
Cinnamon can also repel Silverfish from specified areas but it doesn’t kill the insects and their eggs. I still can't say for sure if what you have is a silverfish since you've not been able to get a picture.
Silverfish can usually be controlled by reducing moisture because they need damp habitat to survive. There are many different species of silverfish in the world and they can appear quite different when it comes to size, shape, and color. Enter your name and email into the form below to receive a few quick tips about silverfish, more info about my guide, and a special offer!

Newly hatched Silverfish or nymphs are whitish but when they mature their color turn into greyish hue with metallic shine. Like cockroaches, Silverfish can damage paper goods, contaminate food and stain clothes but they are considered medically harmless. Silverfish are generally bigger than 2 mm and the antennae and bristletails (3) are easy to see.

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