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I live in northern Louisiana and we have Centipede that's been put in two years ago (new house), clay soil.The grass seemed to come back this spring, until a couple of days ago, when I was getting ready to mow again and noticed these large areas where the grass does not look good. It appears that these areas have a lot of dry grass, the centipede blades are very thin in this area, and it looks like there's just something really wrong with it.
We apply a fertilizer once every spring, specially formulated Centipede fertilizer we get at the garden center.

We only do it once a year, every Spring (although the companies recommend doing it twice a year and claim that it holds for 2 months) and the only other product we put on our lawn is an insecticide (for ants). It almost looks like a different type of grass is growing in these areas, although I know this is not true - no apparent bugs or any red or moldy discolorations are apparent to me.Your help is really appreciated, I’m at a loss at what to do to save my lawn! If not, you probably have chinch bugs which can take out an entire lawn in just a couple of weeks.

Or, You can cut both ends out of a coffee can and wedge it into the ground a couple inches, mix one gallon water with a couple teaspoons dawn dish detergent, pour it into the can and watch about five minutes, you should see them scurrying to the surface, or, you can mix five gallons of water with a quarter cup dawn detergent and flood the area right outside the damaged area and spread a white or light colored sheet on top, within a few minutes you should be able to turn the sheet over and see them crawling all over the under side trying to escape(the funnest) There are lots of home remedies for chinch bugs but at the pace this thing kills, you could lose your lawn if they dont work.

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