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COMMENTEMAILMORECiscoe Morris demonstrates different ways to get rid of fruit flies, including a new plant he just discovered!Don't let fruit flies ruin your harvest.It's amazing how fast fruit flies move in (and how annoying these embarrassing pests can be) when you bring your harvest of homegrown fruit into the kitchen. Before long they will be attracted to the apple cider vinegar and get trapped in the solution.  Depending on how many you have I usually change the solution every few days or so. Hope this helps you get rid of those pesky fruit flies!  Let me know if you use any other ways to get rid of them!

The dish soap will break the surface tension of the liquid so the flies can’t just sit on top and fly away when they’re done. The flies will go into the jar to get at the vinegar but won’t be able to figure out how to get out, and will drown. I've also heard, but haven't had time to test the theory, that placing a sprig of rosemary in with the fruit makes the flies go away.

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