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How to get rid of rats in the barn or shed or other outdoor building - these outdoor structures can be trickier, because they're not as easy to seal, especially something like a barn. How do you get rid of rats in the crawl space, attic, walls or ceiling - it's more likely for the Roof Rat, also known as the Black Rat, rattus rattus, to be in the upper structures of a home. How to get rid of rodents in the house or home - if you're talking about the living area, and not part of the architecture, like the walls or attic, then you've got to be careful where you set traps.

How to get rid of rats in a mobile home, RV, or trailer - this can be tricky, because you're talking about an elevated structure. How to get rid of rats running on the roof - I've used snap traps on roofs plenty of times, and caught plenty of rats. How do you get rid of rodents in the back yard, garden, or trees - you can't really do much.

How to get rid of rats in the pipes, plumbing or toilet - actually, most of the problems with rats in toilets or plumbing pipes are in inactive pipes without water.

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