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There are measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of an ant invasion in the kitchen; wiping up spills and putting food away immediately in sealed containers helps. When ants do get in, basic insecticide products applied along baseboards or around foundations can provide some temporary relief. The coastal brown or big headed ant is a pest of houses, gardens and natural environments in the Northern Territory. The coastal brown ant also poses an ecological threat to Top End rainforests by destroying native fauna and flora.
Green Ants (Oecophylla sp) are extremely common in Far North Queensland and build large nests in trees by sticking the leaves at the end of branches together to create a sort of globular home. So, let's say you keep seeing one or two carpenter ants crawling around your dining room window. Carpenter ants get their name for their ability to tunnel through wood to build their colonies.

Carpenter ants make tunnels like the ones in the ant farm above, only they prefer rotting wood, rooflines under shingles, waterlogged decks, etc. Getting up to higher ground for them means unwanted and unsightly ants scurrying up our walls and windows sills and along your skirting boards. Keeping your home dry and well ventilated will discourage dreaded Carpenter Ants from entering.
Australian Certified Property Solutions knows where to look and how to fight with the best products available on the market. When the unsuspecting person tries to help themselves to some tasty fruit to eat, the aggressive green ants drop down on them and start biting. The ant is spread mainly by human activity, such as the transfer of infested pot plants and landscaping materials to uninfested houses and gardens. Their bite is not very painful but several ants attacking simultaneously can be rather uncomfortable.

This is why it's so important to get a professional out to your house to inspect suspicious ant sightings. This product utilises the transference method and is transferred from ant to ant and taken back to the nest and makes its way to the Queen unnoticed, killing her and the nest, making this treatment very effective. Bull ants also have well-developed vision and will follow or even chase an intruder a good distance from the nest.

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