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Move boxes away jumping off spots like shrubs, rocks etc., that would allow the mouse to gain access to the box itself.
Before removing a used mouse nest (and AFTER evicting any mice), use a spray bottle to thoroughly soak the nest and box (to control dust) with a 10% bleach solution (water if no bleach is available). Afterwards, regularly remove new nesting material that appears (once or twice a week, as they tend to rebuild quickly.) This is one reason why regular monitoring is so important to successful bird nesting. A few drops of all natural peppermint oil on a cotton ball thumb tacked to the wall or underside of the roof.
Roof rats plays can transmit human diseases such as endemic typhus, rat bite fever, and bubonic plague.
When boxes are opened in the spring, be aware that a startled mouse might jump out at you, which could startle you. Roof Rats (Rattus rattus, also called black, tree or ship rats) are smaller than Norway (Brown) Rats. Note that Woodrats (Allegheny woodrat is Neotoma magister) are native and part of the natural environment, and may be protected by law.

I think mice buy little power tennis shoes from their local Mice-Mart to help them get into a box of choice. Do NOT let mice nest in your boxes - they carry disease, urinate in the box, will deter nesting birds, and may eat eggs or nestlings. If you do use wooden poles, wrap thin flexible tin around the pole directly underneath the box down to the middle of the pole. They may destroy eggs and nestlings in nestboxes, as do roof rats, eastern chipmunks (Tamias striatus) and red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus). These nocturnal rodents are attracted to pet and bird food, and thus are most common near homes.
They breed throughout the year, but primarily in February and March and again in May and June. Roof rats may use nestboxes (including hanging boxes, and boxes mounted on trees or houses) to sleep during the day or to over winter. I have seen a mouse nest constructed entirely of grass clippings (see photo on left.) Like bird nests, construction depends on the individual and available materials.

Where they do breed, they build a disheveled nest that may have bits of nut shells, hair and fur. Duct tape the disk to the pole below the box, pulling the two cut edges together some to form a cone with the wide end down. Take rat bait pellets and embed them in silicone to make little patties, and place them underneath the nest. Young are weaned when about 3-4 weeks old, and are able to reproduce when they are approximately 3-5 months old.

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