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Normally it’s the famous lineup of judges who sink their teeth into the contestants on television’s X Factor – but last week, bed bugs had their turn. Contestants from TV's X Factor were victims of bed bug bites, and had to be moved to another hotel.
A good case in point is another reported bed bug infestation; this time in the Intensive Care Unit of Denver Health Medical Center, in Denver, Colorado. The Graton Hotel admitted to a bed bug infestation - just the latest of many luxury hotels battling bed bugs. As with all hospitals, sanitation and cleanliness are a priority to prevent the spread of infection at Denver Health; and if amidst those precautions, hospital can still get hit with a bed bug infestation, it’s not good news for homeowners.
If you fall victim to a bed bug problem at a hospital or hotel, there are some legal recourses you have available. Whenever you check into a hotel, check the seams of mattresses for bed bugs, feces, dried blood or eggs. New York and other states are considering making Bed Bug Insurance compulsory for hotels and all major businesses. Popular Science recently reported that bed bugs were back in larger numbers than ever before – and tougher than ever. Those who don’t believe in evolution might be hard pressed to explain what scientists discovered recently. By comparing bed bugs frozen and preserved in the 1970s to bed bugs recovered from modern-day infestations in cities like New York, scientists have discovered major changes have taken place. Secondly, modern bed bugs produce more of the P450 enzyme; which helps them metabolize pesticides used to kill them. Perhaps most alarmingly of all, evidence points to the possibility of bed bugs becoming completely resistant to chemical pesticides within the next few decades. Already America is besieged by a host of pesticide resistant bugs – like the Asian Stink Bug Pentatomoidea. While traditional chemical and synthetic bed bug treatments are being found to be increasingly ineffective, powerful natural alternatives exist. For example, the ingredients in Nature’s Response use food-grade ingredients to naturally disrupt a bed bug’s ability to breath. The best part is: bed bugs are unable to develop a resistance to this bed bug killer spray, because it uses a bed bug’s natural responses to kill them. That’s a huge advantage to people anxious to tackle a bed bug infestation themselves, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals, or “cycle” pesticides like exterminators do – especially given how mixing chemicals without professional training is often more dangerous than the infestation you’re trying to treat with them! Bed bug infestations are exploding across the country; with more incidents reported each and every month, and thousands of homeowners finding themselves battling bed bugs for the first time.
As a result, more and more people are taking on the bed bug extermination task themselves, rather than call in the professionals. The biggest dangers are using the wrong kind of chemicals to kill bed bugs, using too much of a particular treatment, using chemicals designed for the outdoors inside or mixing and matching pesticides. Another risk with mixing chemical treatments is that they simply won’t work – often two different chemicals can cancel out the others effectiveness – and as a result, neither will have any significant impact on a bed bug problem. This is why the best option is to choose one particular home bed bug treatment and stick to it; even if you’re worried it will take longer to see the results. Prior to purchase, research what alternatives there are to traditional chemical pesticides.
Natural pesticides, like the 100% organic, food-grade ingredients in Nature’s Response, attack bed bugs a different way.
With home remedies now offering effective, affordable and all-natural alternatives to the chemicals and pesticides exterminators use, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to purchase and use bed bug killing products of their own. Bringing bed bugs home from a trip away, or in a new bag of clothes, is a common concern to many. North Carolina State University entomologist Ed Vargo has spent months collecting bed bug samples from apartment blocks, hospitals and hotels across America’s east coast – and one important thing has become clear: In infested buildings, all the bed bugs were genetically related. This is why apartment dwellers can’t afford to be complacent about bed bug control – even if they aren’t exposed to potential infestation through common vectors; like hotel stays, trips to the movie theater or frequent clothing purchases from potentially infected stores. Rutgers University recently warned in the Journal of Economic Entomology: “We hypothesize that bed bugs frequently move to the entry door area of an apartment and from there disperse into adjacent apartments via the hallways. This means there’s value to using bed bug interceptors even if residents haven’t identified an infestation.
Reading the label is important; but so is being proactive about which bed bug products you eventually decide to choose. You need to spray Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer throughout every room – in every crack, crevice and mattress seam.
Over 75 pest extermination companies gathered at the University of Kentucky this September to attend the second annual Bed Bug University.
From Massachusetts to Missouri, the verdict seems to be the same: Bed bug infestations are on the rise. The National Pest Management Association showed 80% of surveyed pest control companies had treated hotels, stores and other big businesses for bed bugs this past year – a 13% increase from the year before.
The purpose of the Bed Bug University was to discuss treatment options – a notoriously difficult subject because bed bugs remain one of the toughest insect pests to eliminate. New technology was on display this year, including electric heaters designed to “bake” hotel rooms to a temperature that eliminates bed bugs and their eggs.
But the effectiveness of these new bed bug treatment options is undocumented; and there are so many different innovations at work that it’s difficult to keep track of the ones that work and those that don’t. Perhaps only one thing is clear; that exterminators are still anxious to keep themselves as the only option open to families facing a bed bug infestation.
If there is a silver lining to the recent surge in bed bug infestations, it’s perhaps that homeowners are now better equipped and better informed than ever before to take the situation into their own hands. The bed bug problem has grown enormous nationwide – with even high-profile hotels and businesses – like the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York – falling foul to bed bug infestations. And while that’s never been true, it’s still intensely embarrassing to discover bed bugs in your home – especially if you pride yourself on being clean and sanitary. The only way to ‘get’ bed bugs is by carrying them into your home in your clothes or luggage – and when the bed bugs hitch a ride; they have no idea whether they’ll end up in a swanky hotel or a dirty hovel. That being said, it’s understandable that you might not want to advertise a bed bug problem to your friends or neighbors. This is why more and more people are interested in bed bug treatments they can administer themselves.

Separate and wash all clothes, bedding, towels and linens: Bed bugs and their eggs won’t survive a hot wash and spin cycle. Vacuum and clean thoroughly: Pay special attention to corners and crevices – use the nozzle attachments to clean these areas thoroughly. Use Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray throughout your home: Especially on mattresses and upholstered furniture. Used as directed, Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray and our other products are guaranteed to eliminate bed bugs within 30 days. Dean of Student Life Cindy Babington tried to reassure people by reminding them that there had been no documented cases of bed bugs at DePauw in recent years; but the latest outbreak was a start reminder that bed bugs seem to be getting discovered in more places, in more states, each and every year.
New Jersey has seen one of the biggest jumps in bed bug infestations in America in recent years; and lawmakers aren’t taking it lying down. Hotels, hospitals, homeless shelters and nursing homes will all be affected; and it’s hoped this measure will help stop the spread of what’s becoming an increasingly difficult-to-manage problem.
If you want an example of bed bug control mismanagement, you have no further to look than the self-same New Jersey; where this new legislation is being introduced.
In January of this year, a bed bug pest control company in New Jersey lost its license and was fined almost a million dollars by the New Jersey state government after it was discovered they were using bed bug control chemicals that had been banned in the United States because they posed serious health risks. Taking bed bug management into your own hands is a bold step; but offers complete control over how you tackle a bed bug infestation and the chemicals and materials you expose yourself and your family to.
While most exterminators and pest control companies use hazardous synthetic chemicals to treat bed bugs, there remain 100% natural alternatives that use natural ingredients to force biological reactions in bed bugs that can immobilize and kill them in seconds.
And, unlike the treatments traditionally used by exterminators, bed bugs can’t develop a resistance to these natural bed bug treatments; as they use the same reactions to eliminate bed bugs as those found in nature. The best advice for dealing with a bed bug infestation is to pause before you pick up the phone to your local exterminator.
Last week, Popular Science reported on the modern-day resurgence of the bed bug epidemic – a problem almost eradicated during the 1970s, but which has now come back in larger numbers than ever before. One fascinating fact the article cited was how bed bugs have evolved over the decades – becoming tougher, more resilient and harder to kill than ever before. Modern bed bugs have a thicker exoskeleton than bed bugs from the 1970s – making them more resistant to pesticides.
Decades of exposure to commonly used pesticides, including the banned DDT, have bred bed bugs resistant to many of the chemicals used to eliminate them.
Today’s bed bugs have a faster metabolism; producing more of the enzyme P450 that they use to metabolize many commonly used pesticides that killed previous generations of bed bugs. These developments go a long way to explaining not just why reports of bed bugs have exploded across the United States, but also why people are having so much trouble getting rid of bed bugs once they’ve discovered them. Entomologist Subba Reddy Palli of the University of Kentucky reports that 88% of the bed bugs tested in recent studies have evolved to be resistant to the synthetic chemical compounds once used to control them – leaving many exterminators scrambling to find alternative solutions to deal with bed bugs.
This is one area in which Nature’s Response bed bug killer products have proven particularly effective.
Popular Science recommend another tack that bed bugs can’t develop a resistance to – a policy of “search and destroy” which includes vacuuming up bed bugs from bedding and sheets and throwing clothes, linens and towels into a hot dryer to kill them. How to kill bed bugs: Bed bug exterminators now often use cryonite treatments for Killing bed bugs instantly. Bedbugs are small, elusive, and wingless parasitic insects that feed on warm blooded animals: birds, bats, you.
Reality: There have been no cases or studies that indicate bed bugs pass diseases from one host to another. Reality: Proper use of pesticides may help control bed bugs, but will not by itself eliminate bed bugs.
After a 60-year absence, bedbug infestations can be found in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, dormitories, rentals, patient care centers, modes of transport, and elsewhere.
The use of DDT largely eradicated bed bugs in the developed world in the early 1940s; however, bedbugs have been resurgent since the mid-90. Catching bedbugs in the act is hard: most feed an hour before dawn but they adjust their feeding to your schedule. Adhesive-based traps used for sampling insects or rodents are usually NOT effective for trapping bed bugs. Recently in New York City, bed bugs were found in movie theaters, retail stores, and other places you would not expect. A single bed bug can live for over a year without feeding and lay 200 eggs in her lifetime.
Problems with treating bedbugs with Pesticides: Unfortunately, bed begs have no known natural predators or biological methods for control.
Moreover, it is not feasible [nor allowed] to saturate mattresses, couches, chairs, carpet, and other fabrics with poison – the place where many bedbugs live. Bedbug-proof mattresses, coverings, and other barriers keep insects from living in the mattress, but bedbugs are crafty.
Besides, barriers are just that – if left untreated, your bedbug problem will multiply into a bedbug nightmare [a single bug lays as many as 200 eggs across her lifetime].
Prior to heat technology, the only proven method of penetrating every crack and crevice and wall void where the bedbug might harbor was sulfuryl fluoride. Finally, (and most importantly) bedbugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pyrethroids pesticides. According to the Center for Disease Control , Bed bugs are not known to transmit infectious disease. We know how to stop, eradicate, kill, exterminate bed bug infestations with eco-safe, 100% pesticide-free heat. Headquartered in New Orleans, Pure Green Systems offers bed bug extermination services all areas of Louisiana.
If you have Bed Bugs, those clusters of black spots that resemble pepper are actually dried Bed Bug feces. A single gravid (pregnant) bed bug can hide away in luggage or clothing and start an infestation anew in the next location; including in somebody’s home. Specks of dried feces or dried blood indicate the presence of bed bugs, while white powder residue might indicate a recent bed bug extermination was performed. In some states, such as Indiana, hotels are legally obligated to wash your entire luggage at high temperature to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. This is why modern exterminators increasingly have to “cycle” powerful chemicals to treat infestations.

This 100% organic bed big killer can incapacitate bed bugs on contact, and kill them dead within 60 seconds. This can be cheaper and just as effective; and also helps those with bed bugs keep a low profile from judgmental neighbors.
In addition to posing more of a health risk, bed bugs can quickly develop a tolerance to synthetic chemicals; which is why professional exterminators are increasingly forced to “cycle” between treatment options to find ones that are effective. That you’re far more likely to fall victim to an infestation from bed bug ridden neighbors than from bringing home a bed bug from a movie theater or hospital. For people living in apartment blocks or condos, the report also highlighted the value of bed bug interceptors in identifying the signs of bed bugs.
In the boroughs of NYC alone, reports of bed bug infestations rose almost 50% in 2010 alone.
An increasing number of households are taking bed bug elimination into their own hands; investigating options that will allow them to get rid of bed bugs and keeping them gone with materials and tools they can purchase themselves, either online or in stores.
Many believe that ‘clean’ people don’t get bugs – they’re the sorts of thing more likely to be found in dirty houses and run down motels. An exterminator truck parked on your driveway is an instant way to generate gossip in the neighborhood.
Just remember to keep your laundered items separate until you have exterminated bed bugs from the rest of your home. Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray won’t stain your upholstery and is entirely safe to use around animals and people.
We also offer ClimbUp insect interceptors, which you can place on bed legs to prevent bed bugs climbing up. Just as impressively, they’re safe to use every 30 days to prevent bed bugs and keep your family and pets safe from these bloodsucking little bugs. Immediately, the Pi Beta Phi girls faced the knowledge that their bedding, carpet and clothes could be infested with the blood-sucking parasites; a situation nobody wants to deal with. Recent state legislation is forcing all businesses with beds to pre-sign anti-bed bug treatment with bed bug professionals. Already pest control professionals report bed bugs jumping from just 15% of their pest management work to over 80% in less than five years; illustrating how severe the problem has become. In fact, many people are getting fed up with traditional exterminators entirely; preferring instead to tackle bed bug problems themselves – rather than pay for costly services that don’t always deliver results. The newly hatched are the size of a poppy seed -- but if you look closely, you can see bugs, nymphs & eggs with your naked eye. In fact, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grime; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. Bedbugs spread away from beds into living areas and can be seen on any surface, including chairs, railings and ceilings. In addition, bed bug populations in different areas of the country have developed resistance to pesticides. Pyrethroids, the main class of pesticides used against bedbugs today, targets sodium channels in bedbug cells, just like DDT. This makes pesticide treatment almost useless - they will hide from the sprayer & come out days, weeks or months later. An Indiana family was awarded $23 million for medical problems their children suffered after pesticides were applied to their apartment - some states like Ohio advocate the use of the pesticide involved in this lawsuit to treat bed bugs. They are nocturnal and use their piercing-sucking mouth parts to draw blood from their victim while they sleep.
Newly hatched Bed Bugs that have not yet received a blood meal are clear-creamy white and roughly half the size of a grain of rice. Our Bed Bug exterminators use highly effective products that have been proven to control bed bugs.
Shortly after the incident, the management of the Sunset Boulevard hotel admitted that they were suffering from a bed bug infestation – and the X Factor crew were swiftly shuttled to an alternative hotel. Bed bugs can truly impact anybody; regardless of income, how clean and sanitary they are or where they live. A guest at a hotel, or a patient at a hospital, can carry bed bugs back with them hidden in their laundry or suitcase. If you spot this evidence – or the bed bugs themselves – report the discovery to the front desk immediately.
Elsewhere, in New Jersey and New York, hotels may soon have to pay for bed bug insurance and guests can demand compensation for being victims of the bloodsucking bed bugs.
This has led more and more people to attempt to tackle bed bugs themselves, instead of calling on an exterminator. Secondly, you have complete control over the substances you use, and who risks getting exposed to them. They also serve as an indicator to show whether or not you have eliminated your bed bug problem. Military, the food-grade ingredients in Nature’s Response kill and incapacitate bed bugs by naturally disrupting the way their body chemistry works – triggering the closure of their breathing spiracals as part of a natural reaction bed bugs can’t develop a resistance to.
Consequently, as bedbugs develop resistance to pyrethroids, they also become cross-resistant to DDT. Be sure to empty your vacuum bag or canister outside, and seal the contents in plastic bag to prevent vacuumed bugs from returning to your house. Re-administer Nature’s Response Bed Bug Killer Spray within 48 hours for maximum effectiveness. Plus, many people get sick with pesticide-use and pesticides must be sprayed on everything (they only work by coming into contact with bedbugs). Most commonly, Bed Bugs are brought into a home after someone has traveled to a Bed Bug infested place. The Bed Bugs conceal themselves in the traveler’s luggage during their stay and are carried back home once the trip is over.

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