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Their bodies are of a brownish-orange color, and have relatively large black heads, with protruding mandibles.
Sugar ants are in fact omnivores, collecting nectar and other liquid secretions from plants, honeydew from aphids and other plant-eating invertebrates such as caterpillars.

A soldier ant is easily noticed by its fairly large body and mandibles compared to workers.The sugar ant is commonly found in urban areas, forests and woodlands.
During winter, they are of a low profile.When provoked, sugar ants will lift up their abdomen and use their large mandibles to fend off an attacker.
If further provoked, the sugar ant (depending on species) can defend itself by spraying acid from their abdomens to deter predators.
Unlike some other ants, Sugar Ants do not contain stings.During late spring to early autumn, the queen sugar ant will produce eggs that hatch into 'new queens' and males (alates).

These alates (winged royal ants) are completely black (with some variations between species), compared to the orange-coloured workers.

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