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Finally something that won't harm my animal and can be used on carpet,fabric,floors.doorways,towels,bedding!
The fleas that you see on your pet only account for 5-10% of the total population in your house! Before you learn how to get rid of fleas, it is important that you determine the source of you infestation.
While you are waiting for those loads of wash to finish, meticulously vacuum every floor, carpet and piece of furniture in your home. These steps will not get rid of fleas completely, but they will help to control a large portion of the infestation. When I first started using this natural remedy to get rid of fleas a few years ago, I bought the essential oils and mixed my own spray.
If you are mixing your own spray to get rid of fleas on your dog, it is important that you ONLY USE 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. To prepare your flea spray, just mix 4 ounces of purified water into a spray bottle with 5ml of cedarwood oil and 3-5 drops of lemongrass oil.
The product I currently keep on hand in the Marshal household for getting rid of fleas on my dog is called Evolv.
In order to get rid of fleas in your house, you will need diatomaceous earth and baking soda. Sprinkle the powder in thin layers in all of the areas that you suspect fleas and larvae may be hiding.

Sometimes getting rid of fleas is difficult because they keep finding a way back into your home.
Kills and repels kills and repels Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Chiggers, No-See-Ums, Mites, Moths, Japanese Beetles, Scorpions, Carpet Beetles, Mole Crickets, Termites, Box Elder Bugs, Silverfish, Roaches, Palmetto, Bugs. It does seem to stupefy the fleas enough that I can take it off her, but does not kill on contact as it claims. I prefer to go as natural as possible and purchased Natural Chemistry DeFlea Pet and Bedding Spray for fleas on my dog. Your cat or dog will be the culprit most of the time but fleas can also get inside your home in other ways as well. It is a natural flea and tick treatment that is both a repellent and kills insects on contact.
The fleas will begin dying a few hours after application but I like to leave it for at least 24 hours to be safe. Here is the secret weapon that I use in my yard every summer to control the population of various unwanted pests including fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It is crucial that you continue treatment procedures even after there are no more signs of fleas in your house. There are many common misconceptions about these insects and the proper methods for getting rid of them. However, the benefits of getting rid of fleas naturally will greatly outweigh the harmful side effects of using chemicals.

I used as directed and consistently and ended up having to use an unnatural product - drops that are put on the back of a dog to rid the pet of fleas. Since flea eggs can remain dormant for up to 1 year, second hand furniture, carpet and clothing can also pose a threat.
Not ridding my dog of fleas immediately was, I think, not good, as fleas get into the carpet and furniture - and seem to live forever! Diatomaceous earth kills fleas by attaching to their body and drying them out within a few short hours. Fleas will attach themselves to shoes and other items and then hitchhike back into your home. It is the best natural solution for getting rid of fleas, larvae and eggs without harming humans or dogs. The BEST source of outdoor prevention is to use the flea repellent for your yard in step 5.
They may work great for getting rid of fleas, but they are also killing your pet (and possibly your family) in the process. Diatomaceous earth works very well for so many different pest control projects so I recommend that you pay the extra $2 dollars to get the 4 pound bag.

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