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The only disadvantage of this home remedy is that it does not work once it is dried, so you will have to spray often throughout the day or use other strategies to really prevent the appearance of bugs. Spray vinegar on the entry paths of ants, as the strong scent of vinegar repels them (you can also use apple cider and peppermint oil). Sprinkle used coffee grounds around cracks or in the area where they are to prevent ants from getting in. This homemade natural ant poison trap will kill the ants but will not be toxic to your family. Get Free UpdatesEnter your email address to subscribe to Natural Alternative Remedy and receive notifications of new posts by email. Herbs, cataplasms and all sorts of natural ingredients that you can use as alternative or traditional medicine.
Get Free UpdatesEnter your email address to subscribe to Gramma's Home Remedies and receive notifications of new posts by email. I don't know if it's the unusually high temperatures we've been having or what, but ants are determined to move into my house and take up residence.
After doing some research and trying out a couple natural methods to get rid of ants, my house is currently ant-free.
Here are some essential oils that ants are known to dislike: eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, peppermint, and citrus oils. If you don't have essential oils, you can sprinkle powdered cinnamon, clove, garlic, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, mint or bay leaves at entrance points. If you suspect ant nests in your house, you have to react fast and efficient to find out how to detect and how to get rid of carpenter ants as soon as possible, since this kind of ants is known to be one of the most difficult insects to remove from the dwelling.

Preventive Measures to Take and Repellents to Use When it comes to pest extermination, not all people know how to get rid of ants in the house.
Regardless of the reason that provoked ants’ occurrence, they become a real problem for all homeowners, and knowing how to get rid of ants’ army, you’ll manage to repel it in a few days. If it happened so that you became one of those people, who would like to know how to get rid of ants as they keep you busy all the time and spoil the food in your house, you are to refuse using chemicals. Beside all the stuff mentioned above, home remedies are cheap, so using them one kills two birds with one stone: saves money and gets rid of pests. You are going to be surprised to find out that there are tens of types of ants that can penetrate your house. If you are looking for possible ways how to get rid of ants, use any of these methods or try several of them. Like other insects, ants perceive smells with their antennae, which provide information about the direction and intensity of scents.
This remedy can work with ants, but also with other insects such as earwigs, aphids, whiteflies or mealy bugs, among others. Carpenter ants invasion is a very frequent problem which strikes fear into house owners hearts. A small army of nasty insects appears due to many factors, so if you think that you can prevent its occurrence, you can hope, but don’t be absolutely sure. It’s high time you started drinking mint tea, as used mint tea bags are pretty effective in driving ants away. After you get acquainted with the options you have, you will be ready to choose the type that works best for your house.

Spraying vinegar on the ant’s entry paths, you are spreading a very strong scent that repells ants, making them avoid it. Mix some lemon juice with water and then spray it all around the areas, where the ants are.
Many of them are harmless but no less annoying.Fire AntsHowever, while some species of ants are innocuous, others such as fire ants are extremely dangerous, even deadly, especially to people allergic to bees or wasp stings. As ants cannot tolerate the perfume, they will stay away from the place, where it is present. Fire ant stings can cause illness and even death of children.Do Not Let Fire Ants Enter Your HomeIt is imperative to take immediate action if you see fire ants in your home. You need only to feed these ants the food they like mixed up with poison.One of the simplest food but preferred by fire ants is yellow corn meal mixed up with oil and poison.
A small quantity is sufficient.Granular and Pour-On PoisonsGranular and Pour-On poisons can be applied and poured directly on top, inside or around anthill. Not all of these kinds of ant poisons require watering but some of them do.A problem could be if you are dealing with carpenter ants or bull ants.

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