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Formosan termites are rarely found north of 35° north latitude because their eggs will not hatch if the temperature is below 20°C (68°F). The Formosan subterranean termites are among the most destructive termites in the world today. Formosan termites have a caste system composed of a king, queen, workers, soldiers, and alates (reproductive winged termites). Signs of infestation of Formosan termites are swarmmers at night that are attracted to light, shelter tubes made of soil that are filled with termites when broken open, damaged wood that sounds dull when tapped with a hard object, or nests made of carton. Most of the colony are female workers who scurry around to maintain the nest and eat the wood that provides the nourishment for the rest of the colony.
In America there are four kinds of termites, drywood, dampwood, subterranean, and Formosan. Dampwood termites are the kind of big termites that inhabit the fallen logs in the forests of northern California and the Pacific Northwest.
As indicated above, there are many kinds of termites world-wide and they have different kinds of dwellings.
To make this procedure work, it might be advisable to plant several stakes around your dwelling in order to find where the termites are and where they are not.. Borate termite treatments are more like a coat of paint that is put around the wood in your home usually done while the house is being built. All of these products are available online as well as in select retail locations and they are considerably cheaper than having to call a professional in to control your termite issue. Fumigation is what is done when you call a professional but it is not always able to kill termites there are some species of the that it does not work on. Homeowners should consult with an expert on termite control in order to make an informed decision on what products to use.
The first way to prevent termites is to inspect inside and around your home for the evidence that termites are there. If you have looked further into what you discovered in the basement and turns out that you have termites here are a few tricks to keeping new ones out and getting rid of the old ones. There are also a number of different sprays and fertilizers that you can put in your yard to keep termites out of your yard if you notice that your termite infestation isn’t diminishing with all of these tricks. In areas that are susceptible to termite activity, proactive measures need to be taken so you can identify termite activity quickly and early.  Before you experience difficulty with termites or even an infestation, termite stakes should be considered as an early warning detection and control method. Termite stakes are hollow plastic stakes that are placed at intervals around the perimeter of a home and around the yard.  When termite stakes are first placed, they are filled with a removable wood block core. Some termite stake kits are rather fancy and include a ground drill and alert of termite activity with a popup indicator if there is termite activity. Termite mud tubes are a clear sign that subterranean termites have established an infestation. Termite inspections are carried out for residences and businesses to insure that there are no termites present on the property. Depending on the area, inspections should occur anywhere between once and year and once every five years. Whenever you are hiring an outside expert to solve any problem, it is always important to have at least some understanding of the basics of the problem on your own so that you can be sure that the work is done right and at an appropriate cost. Once you have collected enough information to understand what you are dealing with, it is time to start taking the problem on. Unfortunately, not all termite extermination companies were created equally, and you are much better off going with a company that will get the job done right the first time then by simply choosing the lowest priced quote you can find. Carpenter ants and termites are both distinguished by reproductive forms that are winged and called “alates”. While termite alates are often mistaken for flying ants, there is relatively little similarity in the physical forms when one compares them side by side. In contrast termite alates (or swarmers as they are also known) display the following characteristics which can be noted with the naked eye. How rid ants cleaning home whirlpool forums, Aussierusti writes what sort of ants little one big ones or what if they are small and either brown or blacki would suggest getting amalgamated pest control in. Combat Termite Specialist offers ant control services for Brevard County Florida that includes removing various Florida ants including sugar, fire and.
May 15, 2012 - Ants are the most common pest you'll see in and around your home, and are hard to control.
Homemade pallet witha variety of ant-attractive food substances for monitoring presenceof fire ants and other ant species. One significant way that termites, ants, mice, and other pests enter your home is through open sub-floor vents. If the wood of your home is showing signs of damage from wood-eating or wood-boring insects such as termites or carpenter ants, Basement Systems GB is here to help you. We offer free sub-floor repair quotes in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and many areas nearby.

Carpenter ants create smooth passages, or "galleries", in wood (top), while termite galleries (bottom) are rough and ragged.
Approximately 1 home in 30 are infested by termites annually, and these infestations can go unnoticed for 3-8 years or more.
Termites also created mud "tubes" in visible areas to shield them from light, predators, air currents, and from drying out when traveling along outside surfaces.
While encountering winged termites or ants outside of the home is not necessarily a sign of an infestation in your home, you should take special note if you see swarming inside your home.
Swarming ants and termites inside a home are attracted to light, and they can often be found around windows and doors. Winged Carpenter Ants (top) have pinched-in waists, elbowed antennas, and forewings that are longer than their hind wings. Winged Termites (bottom) have a uniformed waist, straight antennae, and wings of equal size.
Before any repairs are done to your sub-floor space or other damaged wood, all pest infestations should be completely eliminated in the structure. Too often, a home is repaired while enough of the pest infestation remains for the colony to recover and infest the repaired areas. If you stack firewood alongside your home, you're inviting termites, carpenter ants, and other pests that live there to spread to your home. However, we respect that infestations do occur, and that you may need services to repair your sub-floor area and structural wood.
Soldier termites can produce a protective poison called naphthalene, which repels ants, poisonous fungi, and nematode worms. Several ways to fight infestation are to create barriers, fumigate the infected area, and set baits. Most widespread are the subterranean termites which live in the ground near a wooden structure and develop enclosed passageways into the structure. These will mature with wings and will swarm off to become new couples founding a new colony of termites in another location.
Newly matured queens and males will have wings and they will swarm together, the females anxious to find a suitable male with which to mate. This involves providing some attractant materials that will lure the worker termites into a place where they will pick up some slow-acting poison. Hence, if you spot them flying near your home, it could mean that any part of the house or surrounding area is infested with these flying termites. Termite baits are great for slowly killing off a colony of termites that may be infesting your home.
You simply stick the stake into the ground around your home and there is an indicator that tells you if termites are in fact surrounding your home.
The expert can determine what type of termites are infesting the home, and suggest what treatments would be most effective on the rate of infestation and type of infestation. As with anything else that’s good, there are a number of things that can ruin your home and a termite infestation is a big one. If insect growth regulators are used inside the stakes, this will cause abnormal development within the termites which will kill them over time. The inspections are carried out on a regular basis so that the termite damage can be caught as early as possible.
Carpenter ants do not consume wood or cellulose products, but rather only bore into them to establish their nests.While carpenter ants also pose a risk of structural damage to houses and other buildings of economic importance to human beings, they are not considered to pose the same level of threat that termites do.
Shaped like the crook of an elbow or an “L”, the antennae are further distinguished by being relatively smooth with bulbous ends. While both species have two pairs of wings, the carpenter ant reproductive form is immediately identifiable by its large forward set of wings, which dwarf the smaller hind wings. There is no end structure as with the flying ant, all the beads of the antenna “necklace” are uniform in size and shape.
Additionally, termite reproductives sport wings that are at least twice the length of the termite’s body.
This is because upon arrival at a suitable nesting site, the reproductives begin to burrow into the wood food source, and shed their wings immediately upon so doing. Carpenter ants play key ecosystem roles, particularly by aiding in the decomposition of decaying trees. Because they tend to leave the outer surface of the wood intact, they are extremely difficult to find unless you're specifically looking for them. But empty tubes are not a sign that termites are gone -- termites often abandon sections of tubing while foraging elsewhere. Finding termite wings, dead winged termites, or an actual swarm is a potential indicator of a serious and long-standing termite infestation.
Borate-based products and similar treatments are safe, non-toxic ways to eliminate pests such as termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and other wood-destroying pests.

The vents should be sealed off to prevent termites, ants, and other pests from accessing them, and the walls and floors should be covered with a durable plastic liner. Soldier termites are very aggressive and will attack fingers and tools if they are provoked, fortunately their poison is harmless to humans. There these termites work under the surface of wooden components which are weakened as the wood is invisibly devoured.
After some period of growth the larvae go into the pupae stage where they are transformed into adult termites.
If subterranean termites find enclosed empty space, they might extend their nest outside the ground area, constructing nests of soil mixed with wood they have processed into a paper like substance. These termite nests are substantial structures several meters high and several meters in circumference.
Use termite screens around holes located around sinks and faucets where piping is coming into your home, termites love water so these are primarily places where they enter the home. Keep a check for leaks underneath faucets and around water spickets because leaks can attract termites to your home. With proper and efficient preventative measures, termites can be stopped with termite stakes before they are able to do any damage. These tubes are protective tunnels termites use to travel from below ground into the wooden structure they have begun to infest.
Unless you have a very serious termite problem, you will likely find that the different termite exterminators offer a wide range of different treatments, some of which are more involved than others. Alates of termites and carpenter ants both respond and release in reaction to ideal conditions which include warm bright sustained sunlight, warm temperatures and low winds among more subtle environmental cues. Ants on the other hand pair off only to mate, shortly after which the male ant reproductive dies and the queen alone establishes the colony, her one sexual encounter enabling her to reproduce many generations of colony inhabitants.
Further, the length of ant wings is generally proportional to its body length, or only slightly longer. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Carpenter Ants Versus Sugar Ants interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
The eggs are carried away by the worker termites to hatching chambers in the termite nest and they are cared for as they are maturing. They are known to reproduce in warm temperature and it takes only a male and female to begin a new colony.
The dry wood flying termites are visible in the southeast, southwest and parts of California states.
Take the butt end of a screw driver and begin to tap any wood that you see in that area such as walls, floors, and ceiling joists. When watering plants around the home, make sure you aren’t spraying water onto anything that is wood or anything a termite would consider a tasty meal.
Pier and beam foundation houses are some of the most susceptible houses to termites because of all the wood foundations. Even if it turns out that you have a serious termite problem, you will find yourself able to have an intelligent conversation with the exterminator over your treatment options as opposed to feeling that you are entirely at their mercy for a problem that you do not properly understand.
Alates are also called swarmmers, and have a tendency to congregate around light from windows, light fixtures, and window sills.
These Formosan termites are much more diligent than our home grown subterranean termites, and they are therefore more damaging to wooden structures in the United States. The males fertilize the female, injecting the sperm into the ovaries, so that the eggs are ejected from the queen already fertilized and developing. Generally, termites want to be invisible, since there are many other insects, birds, bats and other creatures which would like to dine on a termite meal. They breed in damp coastal places and high altitudes and have large brown wings for swarming. Swarming termites in southwest are little larger than those in southeast and have big dark wings. If you notice that some of the wood you are tapping on is hollow, this could possible indicate a problem, and definitely needs further looking into.
If you live in a termite prone area, then having a termite inspection in the fall and having another in the spring is the best way to stay clean. Pressured-treated lumber in critical building areas will lessen the risk of termite infestation.
Flying winged termites are attracted towards light and can enter into homes through visible cracks or holes. Subterranean termites maintain their colonies underground and use these tubes as access points to reach the wood they are using as a food source.

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