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Answer: Thank you for sending your insect image into the Discovery Centre at Melbourne Museum for identification. If you are seeing large numbers and you don’t regularly leave your windows open, the flies must be breeding inside your house or in your water pipes. We can definitely have a go at identifying your flies, but we would need at least an image of them first, if not a specimen. I have small flies (alot of them) that seem to just hover in my patio area that has a roof but no walls. Hi there, we have those bathroom flies in our house and one bit me just then and the bite is getting bigger like when you are allergic to mozzy bites. The flies in your bathroom are from the family Psychodidae and are commonly known as bathroom flies, moth flies or drain flies.

They have a jerky flight and are observed around bathrooms, in damp subfloors, in greenhouses and in other locations where moisture and the presence of decaying organic matter will support their presence. In the office where I work there are a lot of little flies, which I think might be drain flies. Should you be able to capture and image or specimen, please feel free to lodge an identification request with the Discovery Centre here. Once the flies pass through their larval stage and emerge as adult flies that is the form they retain until they die.
Once you remove all permanent sources of water and fix any drainage issues, the flies should disappear.
We only have a kitchen sink in here and 1 pot plant so I'm not sure if they are drain flies.

The point is that when i occupied the apartment, they where not there and suddenly boom, they start appearing. They breed in water, so you may have an drainage problem that you need to fix, rather than using pesticides.
Its hard to see as they are about 3mm long but it looks like they have stripes on their back.

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