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Home Inspection - First of all, inspect your home to find out how the little buggers are getting inside!
Mice can invade any premises: a garage, a basement, a balcony and even a house or an apartment where you permanently live. To sum up, searching for the best way of how to get rid of mice, you should start testing one of the methods, mentioned above that seems the most appealing to you personally. But in fact, a little mouse can become a real headache because of the harm it can bring to you and your relatives. No wonder, neighborhood with mice is not only unpleasant, it causes much damage to your household and may threaten your family’s health.

After you have eliminated all the possible entrances for mice to your dwelling and made a rule to clean regularly, you need to set mice traps or apply special baits. It does not kill all of the mice, and if you don't seal the home as prescribed, your problem will never be solved.
But what’s more dangerous is that mice can cause health risks, they can damage furniture, walls or chew cables in the houses which may lead even to fires. Mice can do such outrageous things as gnaw your provision and bed linen, make nests in the wardrobe and become impudent enough to run about your dwelling in your presence, practically at your feet, not mentioning the unpleasant smell they cause and more than 20 diseases that mice can transmit. That’s why if mice invaded your home, your fortress, it high time you found out how to get rid of mice quickly and efficiently.

Anyway, you can lend a cat from your friends or neighbors and see if this is going to work or not.
Through a secure way of experiments you will definitely find the best way to oust these unwanted guests from your territory.

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