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One of the things that make mice difficult to handle is the fact that they are usually active during the night and that they reproduce very fast.
If you make a combination of this IPM program and some of these do-it-yourself repellents and deterrents you will certainly design a 100% successful plan to eliminate mice in a completely natural and environmental-friendly way. So, besides the risk for your children and pets, this method of handling mice can also be dangerous for stray dogs, cats and birds. On the other hand, snap traps use baits to lure mice and once they remove the bait a strong metal spring mechanism snaps the wire and he mice are left with broken necks. Although mice don’t have sense of smell that can be compared to the sense of smell in dogs, they are still better than humans.

Add between 20 and 30 drops of raw peppermint essential oil on one cotton ball and leave one cotton ball on every place where you think that mice can appear. The final result of their use is hemorrhaging and internal bleeding in mice resulting in relatively quick death. Besides leading to prohibition of blood clotting, these poisons will make the mice very thirsty. Peppermint aroma is described as pleasant, tangy and refreshing by most people, but mice experience this aroma and smell as something offensive and disturbing.
Put the flakes and peppers in a blender and blend until you get a mixture that is roughly chopped.

Of course, you cannot expect to get rid of mice by using only peppermint essential oil, but this oil can serve as a good addition to an IPM program. The mice will die from starvation or thirst, die from ripping parts of their limbs while struggling or die from intentionally ripping their limbs. In addition, you will also need to learn more about the mice behavior and keep it away from water.

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