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Wasps and Bees in Yorkshire are generally the most commonand disliked of all the Yorkshire insects and a wasp and bees nest can be a nuisance and problem to any Yorkshire residential or commercial premises.
In some instances a wasp or bee sting can be extremely harmful to individuals who suffer allergic reactions to them and it can lead to hospitalisation or occasionally even death.
Wasp and Bee Nests are usually found across Yorkshire in roof spaces, in wall cavities, in eaves of buildings, hanging from trees as well as underground.
No matter how big or small the hornet or wasp nest in Yorkshire may be MJ Backhouse has many years knowledge and experience in dealing with wasp  nest removal and can carry out disposal treatments for wasp control and eliminate the nests safely and effectively.
We treat wasps, bees or hornet nests in Yorkshire, offering a same day service whenever possible and we will treat your wasp problem swiftly and in a safe manner. At MJ Backhouse Pest Control in Yorkshire we are extremely confident that your wasp nest will be destroyed on our first visit and in the unlikely event that it is not resolved, we will return to your premises or home and undertake the wasp nest removal free of charge.

If you are based in Leeds, York or the surrounding Yorkshire areas, and you are looking for help removing wasps, please contact our team on 0800 542 6359. Axial Pest Control can treat wasps nests with effective industry recognised insecticide powder to prevent any possible danger to your family or other members of the public.
It is possible for you to treat a wasp nest yourself with the right DIY products but this is not recommended!
Axial Pest Control are experienced at wasp nest removal and will remove the nest safely and efficiently guaranteeing that no wasps will return to the nest.
Wasp stings can affect different people in different ways ranging from mild irritation to (in rare cases) an allergic reaction that can result in death.
Wasp problems are usually seasonal, during summer wasps cause many problems in populated areas and get more aggresive in Autumn when food supplies are running low but as the weather gets colder the pest problem seems to go away.

The queen spends the winter months hibernating in her nest and when spring comes, she starts looking for a new nest location to start a new colony of worker wasps. Four to six weeks after the first worker wasps emerge and take over the nest construction and forage for food, whilst also nurturing new wasp larvae. The queen spends all her time egg laying and by the end of the summer a nest may house over 20,000 wasps!

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