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The most environmentally friendly wasp nest removal is with natural repellents and pesticides. Another way to hinder the wasp community from settling near your house or on your property is to put up fake nests.
During a wasp nest removal the wasps may feel violated.  In the stinger is venom that causes pain upon entering the body. Wasp in their own way believe it or not can actually help us, they do control the numbers of small insects and get rid of dead insects, but they can sting, which is painful and some people can have very bad allergic reactions to them once stung.
Wasp and there food Wasp feed on mainly nectar but you will also see them around fruit, other insects or generally round a rubbish bin.
What to do if I think you have a problem with wasps if you see a lot of wasps coming in and out of your property, we advise call a professional Pest Control Company to treat the problem. At Pest Defence we have an expert bee and wasp control team to offer immediate assistance if you find a wasp, bee or hornet nest at your property or if you are infested with wasps in your home or garden.
You might find the actual wasp nest structure in a loft, shed or hanging on a tree or bush, or otherwise you might just see the wasps going in and out of the entrance hole to where the nest is located. Feeding and foraging wasps can also be a serious problem in beer gardens, public parks, recreational areas, and in your garden at home, but Pest Defence can help to alleviate the problem.
The Common Wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) and German Wasp (Vespula germanica) are the most frequently encountered wasps and have a similar life cycle.
Tree Wasps (Vespula (Dolichovespula) sylvestris), sometimes called the Euro Wasp or French Wasp are not as frequently encountered but are not uncommon.
Wasp Nest Control & RemovalWasp nests can be safely and effectively destroyed with a simple application of an approved insecticide.
Control Of Feeding & Foraging WaspsProblems with feeding or foraging wasps can be alleviated with the use of high performance wasp traps. Hornets are sometimes a nuisance to people living close to a hornets nest when attracted to the lights of the building at night. Pest ControlHornets’ nests can be destroyed if constructed within buildings where they present a risk to homeowners and occupiers.
For those that nest in bird boxes, you may often see 'swarms' of bees flying around the nest. Bumble bees posses a sting and are very capable of stinging people and domstic animals, but they are actually very docile and will not normally sting unless squeezed (stood on or sat on) or if the nest is disturbed or threatened. Call Pest Defence for more advice and information if you have a problem with a Bumble Bees nests. Masonry and Mining Bees are small bees with a relatively thin abdomen, similar in shape to honey bees and wasps.
The treatment we apply will have an immediate effect, dramatically reducing the number of wasps within minutes or hours, depending upon the size of the nest. Our extendable applicators enable us to treat the vast majority of high level wasp and bee nests without the added cost of specialist access equipment, although ladders, cherry pickers and scaffolding are occasionally needed for a very small number of wasp and bee nests each year. Wasps can be particularly dangerous, especially if the nest is threatened, so it is advisable that you do not tackle a nest yourself. When a nest is found in your home, shed, garage or any other part of your property, you need to know how to remove it safely. Either of these ways will just further anger the wasps and will make the situation more dangerous for you.
One way is to drown the nest (only if it is an aerial nest.) To use this way of extermination you will need a disposable cloth bag and a bucket of war- hot water. They love food so building a nest near open garbage is beneficial; this is why all containers of rotten food and trash should be tightly closed.

Wounds made by wasp stings can hurt for a while and may not heal till a couple days after the initial sting. If you try to tackle wasps yourself and one stings you, that wasp would release a venom containing pheromone, this causes other wasp from the same colony to become aggressive in turn making the problem worse. If a wasp nest is disturbed the wasps will readily attack the person responsible and others nearby and it is not unusual that people can experience multiple wasp stings. If you do find a wasp nest at your home or business we strongly recommend that you call a professional pest controller such as Pest Defence Ltd to safely destroy it.
The nests are relatively fragile in construction and are built in protected environments such as in lofts, sheds, wall cavities and many being underground. The nests of Tree Wasps are stronger in construction and are often built in hedges, shrubs, or are suspended from branches of trees. Pest Defence Ltd supply a range of wasp traps containing a professional wasp attractant to successfully control feeding and foraging wasps and prevent the nuisance levels where large numbers are active outdoors. There are many wild honey bees’ nests in our towns and countryside and there are many other farmed honey bee hives kept for honey production. If the bees nest needs to be removed or destroyed we will advise you on the best course of action. This is perfectly normal, and these are male bees, which often fly around nests, waiting for queens to come out so that they can mate.
Bumble bee nest can be destroyed if they present a risk to people (particularly children) and domestic animals, although we will endeavour to preserve the nest if we can sometimes by moving the bumble bees nest to safe location. Unlike honey bees and bumble bees, these are not ‘social’ bees and do not build a collective nest or produce worker bees. Many Garden Centres sell mortar bee boxes that attract these harmless bees into your garden and provide a suitable site for mortar bees and leaf cutter bees to construct their nests. We can treat and remove all wasp and bee nests whether they are at low level, such as in garages, sheds or underground, or high level, in roofs, lofts and chimneys. Either way, we guarantee to get rid of your wasp or bee problem quickly, safely and without unnecessary inconvenience. We will advise you on whether the bees pose a threat to people or property and we will treat or remove them where necessary in circumstances where they cannot be moved to a safe location.
With these quick steps and interesting tips you can learn how to remove a wasp nest in the fastest most safe way possible. An aerial nest is a nest that is above ground, opposed to a ground nest, which is in the ground and under the ground. If you were to knock down or burn the nest all the little wasp residences would furiously spill out and want to attack whatever caused havoc.
Also, make sure you are not wearing any sweet scented cologne, because wasps are attracted to the cloying scent of hand soap and perfume. So killing one wasp sends out a signal to other wasps and then the problem could just get out of control.
Most people experience a painful sting and discomfort for several days afterwards, but for a minority of people a single wasp sting can be potential fatal if they suffer from anaphylactic shock. Tree Wasps are slightly larger than the common wasps, and because their nests are more vulnerable, they tend to be particularly aggressive if the nest or bush is disturbed.
Wasp nests found in lofts or sheds can be treated and removed and high level wasp nests are usually easily destroyed using specialised applicators and extension lances. They will construct their nests within buildings although they prefer hollows of trees in wooded areas.
Every year we relocate a number of bumble bees nests to safe locations and we have customers who will hapily accept the nests to be relocated into their gardens.

Swarms of honey bees can be collected for bee keepers, while bumble bee nests can sometimes be relocated. It is best to do these procedures at night when the wasps are less active (safety precaution). Keep an eye out around the guttering and under the tiles for wasps entering the loft space, Also you’ll find them creating a nest in sheds, bushes or just in a hole in a brick wall.
Wasp nest removal is not normally carried out first visit, the nest is treated on the first visit, then the client has the option of leaving the nest where it is, or the pest controller can return to remove the dead nest. Wasp nest removal or treatments are quick and affective if carried out by a trained pest controller. Many gardeners have been badly attacked whilst unsuspectingly pruning a bush or tree that holds a Tee Wasp Nest. The nest is made from chewed wood (similar to paper mache) and the nests can be constructed underground, in buildings, trees or bushes. At Pest Defence, our equipment can reach the vast majority of high level wasp nests, although ladders or cherry pickers are occasionally employed. Unlike wasps they are predominantly carnivorous and are not attracted to human food and drinks. Wasps prefer to keep their nests hidden and bees usually reside in man-made boxes or old logs.
If you step on a dead wasp’s stinger with bare feet it’s venom can still be injected into your skin.
Wasps also like dirt so keeping your house clean and cared for will lower the risks of having a nest in the first place.
Unless you are extremely allergic to wasp stings you will not need anything really special. Are wasp dangerous If stung we always advise seeking professional advice from your local GP especially if it’s a child or the elderly that have been stung.
The Queen wasp builds a small nest structure within which she lays the first eggs, which then hatch into grubs which become the first generation of worker wasps. In 25 years, Pest Defence Ltd has never encountered a wasp nest that we are unable to destroy.
Small scouting parties numbering 50-200 bees then set out to investigate the potential nest sites in the local environment until eventually they find and move into their preferred new home.
Wasp nests are made out of wood and plant fibers that have been gnawed and made into a paper like substance.
At this stage the nest is about the size of a golf ball but soon grows as the number of worker wasps increases.
The sting of a hornet is more painful than that of the smaller wasps, but they are considerably less aggressive and less likely to sting, unless their nest is threatened.
This is then further made into elaborate, six-sided nest where wasps lay their eggs and keep their young.
If the wound continues to hurt and your condition worsens you may be allergic to the wasp’s sting, which is also known as anaphylaxis. To protect yourself from future stings always wear shoes when you walk outside incase you step on a wasp so you are not stung.

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