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This Wasp Protection Jacket offers excellent body protection when treating wasps nests.
This Wasp Protection Jacket offers excellent upper body protection when tackling wasps nests in your home or garden. Treatment is best carried out either in the early morning or evening as this is when wasps tend to be less active.
Yesterday was a bit too windy, damp and drizzly for my planned attack on the European wasp nest in the back yard, but this morning was ideal, cool, dry and still. Wasn't looking forward to the task as I have been stung several times by these wasps over the years and get quite large reactions at the sites which bother me for more than a week. Donned up, tested my weapon - a can of Blitzem Wasp Nest Spray, had two fly swats in the kitchen ready for my rapid return indoors if I got covered with angry boogers.

All went well, the wasps did indeed get awful nasty and came out fighting but my trusty protection worked very well and although a few did accompany me back to the house they didn't come inside. It was raining for severeal days after the initial spraying and although the wasp population was reduced there were still many entering and leaving the area, and flying around the backyard. Hoping this may be of help for others who wish to tackle a wasp nest as a Do It Yourself project.
Trouble with European wasps is they can work their way under loose layers of clothing as I found out last time one burrowed under my T shirt and stung me several times on the chest.
Before I disrobed I went into the bedroom and with a mirror in hand checked in the wardrobe mirror that I was wasp free. My "patented" wasp veil is a plastic bucket with a viewing hole covered by fine netting held on with duct tape, with my favourite lumberjack jumper stretched over to provide an effective seal around the neck and shoulder region.

Wearing the protective gear I approached the nest early in the morning, turned the jar upside down and sprinkled the nest site.
In the late afternoon wasp activity had ceased and I was able to mow the grass and use a whipper snipper around the nest.

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