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The European Wasp Control Program is a cooperative approach to European wasp control in South Australia.
While the European wasp is the same SIZE as the bee (10 - 15mm), it is less hairy and folds it's wings back at rest. If a nest is disturbed, the wasps release a chemical which triggers the wasps to defend the nest.
For information on FIRST AID treatment and wasp stings, contact the Poisons Information Centre. The European Wasp Control Program is a cooperative approach to European Wasp control in South Australia.
Lack of predators and good weather conditions means that the European wasp is an increasing problem in Australia. Unlike a bee, which can only sting once (and leaves the stinger behind in the skin), the European wasp can sting repeatedly.
Severe allergic reactions Although they are painful, isolated wasp stings seldom cause serious problems.
It is strongly recommended that you hire experts to destroy any wasp nests on your property.

It may help to locate the nest before you call your local council or pest controllers, since the nest may not be on your property.
Once it has located the food source, the wasp will fly virtually in a straight line back to its nest.
Typical nest locations can include under the ground and within retaining walls, tree hollows and holes in walls. You can reduce the population of European wasps around your home and reduce the risk of stings in a number of ways. Don’t drink straight from a can or bottle when outside, as it could contain a wasp – drink from a straw. The easiest way to confirm a European wasp nest is to see a stream of yellow and black wasps flying in and out of some site.European wasps usually forage for food within 50 to 250 metres of their nest, although in some instances they have been recorded flying several kilometres for food. About 80% of European wasp nests will occur in the ground with the remainder usually found inside buildings. QUEEN European wasps have identical markings and colouring, except are LARGER and can be up to 20mm.
The most common location for nests is UNDERGROUND and nests will be evident by a stream of wasps entering and leaving a hole in the ground.

This program has encompassed a number of components including Research into alternative methods to control wasp numbers. A European wasp sting causes burning pain, a raised lump, redness and local inflammation. This is particularly important if you have experienced an allergic reaction to a wasp sting in the past or if you have never been stung and are unsure of your allergy status to wasp venom. Bembix Fabricius, 1775 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. If you have a large number of European wasps interrupting your outdoors activities, then you can probably assume you have a nest nearby.
The European wasp is now well established in metropolitan Adelaide and has reached some country areas.
A European wasp looks similar to a bee and is around 15mm to 20mm in length with a bright yellow body.

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