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Wasps can be a beneficial insect, although the sight of them often elicits fear in people--whether or not they are allergic to them. Wasps and hornets are often confused as being two different species, when in fact a hornet is a member of the greater wasp family. Fueled by curiosity, and a tad too much coffee, Melissa enjoys dissecting current trends for the modern woman. If you see one wasp hovering around your garden or landscape, odds are there's a wasp's nest nearby, and weighing the benefits is something you may want to to consider carefully before you eliminate it. One of the most threatening aspects of wasps is how they can sting repeatedly, unlike bees that sting once before dying.

Other wasp varieties are perfectly happy preying on insects or spiders, and even wasp larvae gets into the game, acting as a parasite to several garden pests.
However if you are allergic or concerned for children or pets who play in the area, contact professionals to remove the nest. It has been reported that the man was cleaning his backyard when he accidently touched the wasp nest. In this particular case, the victim Mary Everitt succumbed stroke and unfortunately, she fell over wasps' nest. However, when the rescue team reached to rescue him, he was in stable condition and was able to describe the horrifying experience to the officers.

Watch the nest for several minutes to see if a wasp returns to determine whether the nest is active or an old one from a previous year.
Nests are generally built in dry, out-of-reach locations, like eaves, inside bushes or underground.

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