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Vinegar flies, sometimes inaccurately called fruit flies or bar flies, are small flying insects and yellowish brown to dark brown in colour. The vinegar fly, Drosophila spp  (sometimes called the common fruit fly) should not be confused with  flies belonging to the family Tephritidae which are the fruit flies that are economic pests in fruit production, such as the Queensland fruit fly, Bactrocera  tryoni. Vector 960 Fruit Fly Trap - 2 PackThis listing is for 2 Vector Fruit Fly TrapsVector Fruit Fly Traps are designed to help pinpoint fruit fly breeding sites. Vinegar flies will breed in any soured, decaying substance such as those described above as well as wet mops and accumulations of food particles behind or under kitchen equipment.

Over ripe tomatoes, bananas and rotting potatoes and onions are commonly infested.  The liquid that remains in the bottom of beer cans held for recycling can also support vinegar fly larvae. Once identified, the most effective means to eliminate fruit flies is to eliminate the breeding site through good sanitation. Vinegar flies are often seen hovering around overripe fruit and vegetables, baked goods containing yeast, rubbish bins, unclean mops and dishcloths, drainwater, and around beverages such as fruit juices, cider, soft drinks, beer, wine and vinegar.
960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap by pulling the cellophane wrapper off the base of the trap exposing the food grade attractant.

Place the traps where they will not be disturbed or tipped.2) Avoid placing traps over food preparation areas or exposed food to minimize fruit fly activity and attraction in this area.

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