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If you use Mole Traps, Squirrel Traps, Rabbit Traps, Mink Traps or any Other Pest or Vermin Traps - then you've found the website that can help solve all of your Pest Control problems. Everything you ever wanted to know about Mole, Squirrel, Rabbit, Mink and trapping - is detailed here. Additionally, this website also contains information on Insect Control and tells you what to do if you find yourself infested with unwanted visitors (like a wasps nest) and how to obtain the most cost effective treatments available.

NB: If you are outside the UK and want to order Steve's books, please contact Steve directly by any of the methods listed above and he will discuss and agree payment methods and postal charges with you.
During the 1hr 15 minute programme professional pest controller, Steve Caple gives the viewer the benefit of his 30+ years of experience in pest control. Indeed it may be of some comfort just to know that you will not be the first, or indeed the last to have a particular Pest Control problem.

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