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Category: Field Mice Control | 24.03.2015
Sometimes overhanging trees close to the roof act as a gateway (especially carpenter ants) into the house. It’s good to keep track of the amount of ants you normally see to get an accurate picture of how effective your placement is.
At least in colder climates, you get reprieve during the wintertime; in warmer climates ants are a year round thing. This is a routine place for food to fall down and it will attract ants, plus it can’t hurt to go through the fridge and throw out any old, rotting food.

Keep in mind that not every DE application works as fast, but if you catch an infestation early enough you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get rid of it.
I never thought I would miss the winter, but when I had to put my cereal in the fridge to protect it from the ants, I did miss the ant-cleansing qualities of snow.
I’m not saying DE works instantly, but it does act as a barrier between the ants and my home.
Now, before the ants even come to my door, I just apply DE in strategically around my house.

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