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Spring is a good time to see solitary bees which are often overlooked in favour of the bigger and more obvious bumblebees and honey bees. There are only around 24 species of bumblebees, 1 species of honey bee but over 200 species of solitary bees in Britain! Hairy-footed flower bees (Anthophora plumipes), probably one of the fastest bees in the UK, are often seen hovering around Pulmonaria flowers.
The bees are common and widespread in central and southern areas of the UK and can often be seen in gardens, parks and on allotment sites, especially if there is a patch of Pulmonaria present.
The bees are cavity nesters and use holes in woods and walls or hollow plant stems to build their nests. The nest consists of a series of cells, each with a single egg and a food provision (pollen) separated by a layer of mud.

Tawny-mining bees are quite wide-spread in England and Wales and like to nest in lawns and short turf.
Other mining bees you can see are for example Andrena nitida, Andrena bicolor and Andrena minutula but as there are many similar looking species it is often difficult to say exactly which bee you have found without consulting a bee expert. So next time you are out in your garden, allotment or local park have a closer look at the bees you see and you will probably be surprised how many are actually solitary bees and not honey bees or bumblebees. Solitary bees are also important pollinators and as they often emerge quite early in the year (often as early as late February or early March) they can pollinate early fruit trees and bushes when bumblebees are just starting their colonies and honey bees are still hibernating in their hive. In species with just one generation per year, it is usually the pupae or larvae that overwinter in the nest and emerge in spring the next year. The bees fly between March and June and like to visit a variety of different flowers such as fruit trees and fruit bushes, blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), buttercup (Ranunculus sp.) and daisies (Bellis perennis).

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The bees are the size of a small bumblebee and both sexes look quite different from each other. If you watch closely you can see the females transporting mud pellets to close each single nesting cell. The males, which normally emerge earlier than the females in late February or early March, have gingery hair with a darker tail whereas the females are black with yellowish hair on the hind legs. The females build their nest in soft mortar in walls or more rarely in the ground.

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