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Please feel free to use these resources to help in explaining how wasps differ to bees and how flapping arms and hands around can create a risk of being stung. A Bee will sting out of fear and anger, treat them with care, bees will die after they sting.
Please use your own search engine's image facillity to see other nest designs and more conical shaped nests. This nest is made from wood, chewed and mixed with wasp saliva to form a paper mache substance and was built in the recesses of a beamed loft. See if wasps can be found eating an apple core in the playground or an ice lolly in the garden.
One sunny afternoon this week, I ambled through the Medicinal Garden of the Royal College of Physicians and stumbled upon this beautiful bumble bee foraging on echinacea. Bumble bees make little wax cups to store honey, which are strewn in a disorderly fashion about their messy nests. You can read more fascinating facts about bumble bees at the Bumble Bee Conversation Trust.
This entry was posted in Bumble bees and tagged Bombus hypnorum, Bombus terrestris, buff-tailed bumble bee, bumble bees, echinacea, tree bumble bee by Emma Sarah Tennant. I’m not a bumble bee expert but my understanding is that the nest is gone and queens flown off by late autumn.

I have seen white tailed bees entering a small hole in the sunny wall of my house, there’s literally only a handful that are seen going in and out throughout the day, busy doing whatever they’re doing! As I sit and watch bumble bees at work on flowers and clover, I read this fascinating informative article.
Like butterflies and ladybirds, bumble bees are one of the few insects that everyone loves.
Unlike honeybees who build tidy hives with perfect hexagonal combs to store brood, pollen and honey, bumble bees will nest underground in abandoned mouse holes or beneath dense grass or piles of leaves. Their nests only reach a population of around 400 individuals, unlike honeybees who reach a population of around 50,000 individuals in summer.
Somewhere nearby there is a secret underground lair with wax cups of echinacea-flavoured honey! Bumble bees produce oily secretions from their feet to let other bees know which flowers they have visited.
I have been told by beekeepers, if a bumble bee aimlessly ambles into a honeybee hive, she is promptly picked up either side by two guard bees who escort her out.
You can also help save British bumble bees by joining the trust for as little as ?2 per month. If you have a compost heap in your garden, it is likely that one summer you will see bumble bees flying in and out.

Bumble bees produce honey to feed the colony during spring and summer, but they do not stock their larders for winter because only the queen survives the winter. She survives to hibernate underground with a few cups of honey to sustain her through winter.
However, the species Bombus hypnorum, the tree bumble bee, has been known to be more aggressive and their nests are fiercely guarded by drones. In spring, queen bumblebees emerge and find a place to make a new nest in which they then lay their eggs.
Otherwise I’ll ask at my apiary if others know about smells associated with bumble bee nests. When enough workers have hatched, they will take over the job of nest building and foraging, and leave the queen free to continue laying eggs.

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