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Use the power of ultrasonic sound and predator calls to make your yard or home a very uncomfortable place for pesky animals. A.The manufacturer of the Electronic Animal & Pest Repeller can not guarantee the repeller will work on birds or even bother them. For moles, you may want to use in the continuous sound setting rather than the motion sensor, as they may be too small to generate enough heat to activate the repeller when on a motion setting.

A.If you set the frequency dial on the unit for bats and as long as your attic is one open room, no larger than 5,000 sq ft, the repeller should work for this application.
Site does not indicate how many settings there are nor what pests are repelled under each of the settings. Or, for pests that are too small to activate the motion sensor, there is the Continuous Mode that will emit the pest repelling sounds or the strobe light constantly.

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