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There has been much hype, marketing effort and publicity around ultrasonic pest control devices as of recent. Most companies that produce electronic pest control devices infer that the devices use high-frequency, ultrasonic sound waves to "chase away" and deter anything and everything from rodents and birds to mosquitoes or spiders. Most of these devices are intended to be plugged into wall outlets and claim to protect just the room in which they are located. The theory behind these methods is that the noise emitted by the device causes a psychological response in pests that leads to distress. Even the devices they can "prove" work in their test environments do not represent how well they work in real-world situations such as your home.
Outside of bothering pets, the ultrasonic pest control systems have been documented to interfere with telephone quality and reception of both landlines and cell phones.
If you want professional assistance with pest control; whether it is rodents, mosquitoes or anything in between, Preferred Pest Control is here to help you. The most common repellent mistake is using the devices alone to control an established infestation.
In addition to researchers, a licensed pest control company was responsible for supervising the project. In total, PestChaser® successfully repelled the rodents from the protected area in 13 of the 17 sites. DO NOT use a PestChaser® around rodent pets such as gerbils,hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

According to the instructions, the more hard, reflective surfaces in a room, such as cabinets, mirrors, countertops, etc., the better they are supposed to work. They will then evacuate the room or area where these signals are present, freeing homes of pests without chemicals or much effort at all.
If a family has rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or other rodent pests these devices can impact the pets and cause them varying degrees of distress depending how close to the device they are.
Many pest control companies have environmentally-friendly pest control options that are also safe for households that include pets and children.
Our experts can provide straightforward recommendations for containing, removing and preventing infestations and pests of any kind in a kid and pet-friendly, non-toxic way. The complex sound waves emitted by the PestChaser® do not allow rodents to habituate to the sound.
So for the most effective rodent control, ultrasonic devices need to be placed in multiple rooms.
Traps and rodenticides as well as sanitation and exclusion effort should be used in conjunction with ultrasonic repellents. Below is the lab data and field test results that allowed us to gain registration and become the leader in ultrasonic devices.
The reason they are receiving so much publicity is many devices position themselves as "safer" or "easier" ways to control the pest population in homes.
While they seem like a good idea for a gift or a family and pet safe solution to traditional pest control methods, they are a scam.

Furniture, carpet, blankets, pillows, rugs and many other fabric based items found in homes reduce the signal because they absorb it instead of reflecting it. While cats and dogs can hear the ultrasonic waves, they do not appear to be bothered by them. Ask questions before deciding on a pest control company and make sure they have solutions that fit your particular situation!
Insects and other pests also breed and reproduce quickly, so it is important to take action right away!
These Ultrasonic devices have the ability to provide long-term reductions in rodent populations by creating a "rodent-unfriendly" environment that discourages rodent infestations. In fact, ultrasonics can be used as a herding tool to force rodents into areas equipped traps and baits. Hamsters and guinea pigs will simply need to be moved to a room without an ultrasonic rodent repellent.

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