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Category: Pest Rat Control | 24.09.2013
We are the pioneers and leaders in field of pest control services since past (25) twenty Five years. Eco-Friendly Solar Power Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Chaser Snake Rodent Mice Gopher Rat Mole Mouse Repeller for Garden Yard FieldEasy and safe to use. On my initial testing I plugged in this ICooker Pest Control repellent in our porch and after couple of hours I’ve noticed amount of flying insects has decreased and eventually they’re gone. Also I tried placing this ICooker Pest Control repellent in our kitchen since there are couple of cockroach going around and usually they come out at night and plenty of them.

On my 2nd day of testing I’ve noticed there are still cockroaches but not like when I don’t have this repellent and based on my findings this repellent actually does work and will update my review if I encounter any issues.
This is only my impartial review for this product.This is just a plug and play device and very easy to use. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.Update 9-14-15 I usually have a sticky pad traps for mice but I use that for cockroaches and before I trapped 2-3 a day and now it's zero, none.
I am impressed with this device and really works.I was supplied this free sample product to test and evaluate in exchange for my honest and fair review.Hope this helps!

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