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Here we highlight just a few of the more common household pests, any of which you will most likely encounter at some point living in Brevard County, FL.
Because there are so many different types of household ants, it takes professional experience and familiarity with all of the different kinds of ants to ensure you will not see frequent reoccurrences in and around your home or office. Additional useful body characters of ants to include a characteristic smell when crushed, the or absence of a sting, and presence or absence of spines on the head and thorax.
Carpenter ants are generally large, and may be solid black, brown, or a combination of black and orange. These medium-sized ants are frequently confused with carpenter ants because of similar coloration and nesting habits. Odorous house ant is a common ant that makes its nests outdoors under mulch, stones, and inside and under other objects. For more information about other indoor ants, see Extension Leaflet B-6183.  For a more complete guide to the common ant genera of Texas, check out the Ant genera identification guide (for professionals) (B-6138-for sale).
Since you’re not sure what kind of ants you have, I would start by looking to see whether you can tell where the ants are entering the room. The ants we have seem like carpenter ants because they are nocturnal and they are only on our wall and ceiling corners. Dealing with ants can be a real nuisance, they tend to get in every nook and cranny, every single crack or corner of your home, and they won’t discriminate at all.
Doing research requires learning what types of ants are actually causing the problem, little small black ants is not quite specific, there are dozens of types of ants that can fall into that category. First lookup on the internet the types of ants that can be found in your vicinity, certain types of ants only live in certain parts of the globe and some of them require weather conditions, warmth, moisture, so the time of the year is also important. This can take a lot of time, but in order to fight these black ants you need to identify them and their habits. It is a common misconception that all ants like sweet foods, some don’t, they are rare in these parts but you may stumble into them, so you need to be sure. This is where patience comes into play; you need a certain percentage of boric acid in order to get rid of all the ants.

The presence of pedicels between abdomen and gaster is what distinguishes ants from similar insects like wasps.
Besides length, an important feature that can help distinguish different ant species is whether the worker ants in a colony are all equal in size (monomorphic) or variable in size (polymorphic). These are tiny ants, similar in size to the Pharaoh ant, but stocky and darker brown in color. Leaf cutter ants live outdoors in the soil.  The mounds constructed by the ants are crater-shaped and usually clustered together in a “town”.
All ants start out as eggs and larvae, but these are not something you normally see, and the immature stages look nothing like an ant.
In no time ants can be calling your house their home, and it’s questionable to say certain which are more troublesome, small black ants in house or giant flying ants that can easily destroy your woodwork. Most type of ants will storm your home late spring and summer, while they will be dormant during winter times. You need to know where the ants nest is in order to surround it with poison or repellant so the ants would not step out and be forced to move, but that won’t guarantee that you will get rid of them for good. If you place too much you will poison ants immediately which will cause other to stay away from that food, they are smart. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some of the most common species of household ants without a microscope.
Most ants also have antennae with a long first segment that creates a bend, or “elbow” in the middle of the antennae. Because some wasps resemble ants, the presence of these pedicels can distinguish ants from wasps. In addition, fire ants make conspicuous mounds with no visible entrance holes on the mound itself. Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal, coming out at night to follow trails along fences, tree limbs, water hoses or other linear objects. Acrobat ants have two pedicels, workers are all the same size, and they have two spines on the thorax.

So check everything and narrow down the type of ants that can be in your home and then look at some mug shots of ants.
You also need to know what type of foods will attract ants in order to prepare a trap or to remove those types of foods so they would starve and be forced to move, again, not a guarantee that will get rid of them. Although worker ants, the most abundant members of the ant colony, are wingless, the reproductive caste in the ant colony may have wings. Wasps may have narrow, even elongated, waists but they lack the distinct nodes characteristic of ants. One of the most characteristic behaviors of the fire ant, however, is its aggressive response to nest disturbance including a vigorous and painful sting.  Fire ants almost always nest outdoors, although they will enter buildings in search of food and water, especially in late summer. They are attracted to sweets.  Odorous house ants most commonly nest outdoors, but will also nest in bricks and wall voids and other interior locations. They are frequently seen along sidewalk and house edges, on the trunks of trees and in a variety of outdoor locations. One or more times a year, these reproductive ants may fly from the nest (swarming) as part of the mating process.
Some ants nest in trees, either making their own cavities or (more commonly) taking advantage of existing cavities from rot or termite activity. When disturbed, acrobat ants lift their distinctive, heart-shaped gasters into the air as a defensive posture, much like an acrobat might balance on her hands.  Acrobat ants most commonly nest in trees, but will also make their homes in the walls and insulation of structures. Termites, also social insects, also swarm periodically in structures; however, the distinct waist and elbowed antennae are reliable characters for distinguishing ants from termites. Such ants, like carpenter and acrobat ants, may occasionally use your home as a substitute for a nest in a tree or other plant.

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