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1Prune lemon trees back until they are no longer touching buildings, decks or any other structure that ants might be able to use as an alternative access to the tree's canopy. 2Apply masking tape in a band about 4 inches wide around the trunk of the affected lemon tree, 2 to 4 feet from the ground. 5Check the sticky band around your tree frequently, reapplying sticky material or replacing the band when it is clogged with ants.
Once ants are controlled and sap-feeding insect numbers knocked back, these troublesome pests can often be kept in check by natural predators as long as you don't use broad-spectrum insecticides in your garden. I asked several co-workers today if they have had problems with flying ants in their area, and two of them told me that he has had flying ant infestation in the Waipio area recently.
Remove any suckers from around the bottom of the tree to make applying the sticky barrier easier. Paint a sticky barrier at least 2 inches wide in the center of the masking tape band, being careful not to get any on the tree's trunk.
While lemon trees don't need a lot of pampering throughout the year, they are attractive to the same sap-feeding pests that trouble other fruit trees.
Place sugar-based ant baits around the base of the tree and on either side of any ant trails you have seen.

Wait to provide your tree with additional nutrients or extra watering unless it is showing obvious signs of stress, because a sudden growth spurt may increase the feeding and reproduction of any lingering sap-feeding insects in the canopy. But I want to retain an exterminator who will totally annihilate these flying ants, or gnats. Since carpenter ants dig through wood, they often leave sawdust trails leading back to their nest. Listen For Crunching Noises Carpenter ants can be quite noisy while they work their way through the wood in your home. Boric acid (also called hydrogen borate) is easy to get and can be used as a natural insecticide.
Mix three tablespoons of boric acid in a cup of warm water; add half a cup of sugar to attract the ants. You may also soak cotton balls in this solution and place them near the nest for the ants to feed on.4.
Try White Gravel White gravel can be used around your house to control carpenter ants and other insects.
Place a Bait, Then Spray Because carpenter ants are capable of surviving several months without eating, luring them away from their nest is often not an ideal solution.

If you manage to lure some ants out, spraying them and their nest with an insecticide can reduce their numbers. Drill Holes If you notice more than twenty winged ants exiting your home in late spring, then you likely have a large colony in your home. Hire a Professional If you're dealing with a large or troublesome colony of carpenter ants, then it's best to hire ant control professionals to help. Ensure that you schedule a follow-up inspection about a month after the ants have been dealt with. Care for Your Property You can discourage carpenter ants from making nests on your property in a number of ways.

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