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The Australian roach is a relative of the American cockroach, with whom it shares a very close resemblance and is often confused one for another. Since this pest often enters wall voids through pipe lines, wood rotted siding or soffits, crawl spaces or other openings, dusting the voids is very beneficial. Liquid sprays do a nice job for Australian roach control in cracks and crevices or as spot treatments where dusts are not desirable. Baits such as Niban are an excellent choice for control and can be used both inside and out. This entry was posted in Roaches and tagged australian roach, flying roaches, how to identify roaches, how to kill roaches, large cockroach. Nymphs and adults are generally found under bark in woodpiles, hollowed out trees, and stumps.
There are many types of roaches but, contrary to popular belief, not all want to be inside your home.

They are very fond of warm temperatures, but in colder seasons they will look for shelter and warmer temperatures. This roach seems to prefer plant and vegetation materials for food but can eat much the same as the American roach. Being able to tolerate drier conditions this roach can survive hiding away in boxes or cargo and is quite often shipped to new locations. Inside places to spray might include in dark areas where this roach may hide such as under refrigerators, under sinks or cabinets, baseboard cracks or gaps, doorway areas, behind furniture, exposed ceilings along walls in basements or near areas of moisture such as around but not in sump pumps.
Outside baiting is best in mulched and landscaped areas, in, under and around sheds, under planters, splash blocks, wood piles, grills, idle cars or boats, railroad tie walls or other landscaped features.
Wood roaches are outdoor-dwelling cockroaches that are often found in wooded areas and in stacks of firewood but sometimes find their way into your home. It is believed that the Australian roach was introduced not only to Australia, but North America as well via ships.

Exterior entry points such as cracks in foundation, base of siding, around doors and windows, voids around light fixtures and areas of wood decay or other gaps should be dusted thoroughly to stop this roach from entering. Outside areas may be around doors and windows, eaves and gutters, base of home and gaps, cracks or other entry points this roach may use.
Read on below to learn about wood cockroaches, where you can find them, and how to keep these occasional indoor pests out of your home.
Houses with wood siding, cedar shake shingles, or large woodpiles are more likely to experience wood roach problems. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.

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