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Phimosis is one of the conditions that men get to experience at some point of their lives in where the prepuce or foreskin is unable to retract. Some medical providers may recommend steroid ointments for those male kids experiencing phimosis.
You have to discontinue using topical cream once it has been established that the foreskin can be completely retracted.
The simplest method for very tight foreskin is to slowly pull back the skin usually during erection for a free pain experience.

Preputioplasty or prepuce plasty is a surgical operation of the foreskin of the penis to extend a non-retractile foreskin. Make sure to follow up with your Doctor to avoid any side effects or to avoid further infection. Any pain or soreness must be reported immediately for more conservative measures.
Another method that can reduce the size of the glans for the head of the penis to slip through is by tourniquet device (tourniquet method) for compressing the venous and arterial circulation for a given period of time. You can discuss the pros and cons to your Doctor and it’s still up for you to decide to settle on this method.

It uses a slit in the foreskin to surgically widen the opening for the head of the penis to emerge. You know with technological breakthroughs new and maybe the most effective treatments might evolve.

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