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Upon cleaning the frame and box spring, target the specific places bed bugs like to hide, like cracks in the frame and crevices and seams in the box spring and mattress. While your bedding is being washed and dried on high heat settings (if possible), give your mattress, and box spring a thorough vacuuming to remove bed bugs and their eggs from the seams and cracks that they like to hang out in.
Before you put your bed back together, seal your mattress (and preferably your box spring and pillows as well) in certified bed bug-proof encasements.
Securing your bed is only the first step – you have to eliminate the infestation elsewhere in your home.
We are committed to informing and teaching you about how to get rid of bed bugs in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. A HEPA vacuum works best in this step, as its sealed filter prevents bed bugs escaping and setting up camp somewhere else in your home. This will stop bed bugs from hiding in your bed, and kill any bed bugs that are already present (as long as you leave the encasements on for at least 18 months).

Bed bugs and their eggs will be killed on contact as long as you don’t move the nozzle faster than about one inch per second.
A great natural solution is diatomaceous earth, a residual powder that dehydrates bed bugs by clinging to their shell. An improper eradication not only risks surviving bed bugs, but your health and safety as well. Getting into cracks and behind the baseboards is essential to killing any bed bugs present. But whether or not your fruit punch is preservative free, you have at least one good reason to opt for a natural bed bug treatment: bed bugs are immune to most over-the-counter insecticides. Use a bed bug steamer (capable of at least 180-degree steam) to treat sofas, chairs, mattresses, cabinets, walls, and just about anything else in a room. If the tank runs out of water, let the steamer cool off for a little while before starting up again.

These heaters can safely heat up your shoes, books, CDs, and dry clean-only clothes above 120 degrees, which is proven to kill bed bugs of all life stages.
It may not seem necessary to do such a thorough job on the entire room, but bed bugs will travel long distances for a blood meal. Also, be aware that these pests can survive for long periods without nourishment (especially the adults), so bedding not used for a while, a suitcase or any used furniture brought into the house should be inspected thoroughly. First, I was wondering what types of chemicals your company uses for bed bugs (there is a cat and also a woman who is pregnant who lives downstairs that I am concerned about the interaction with these pesticides).

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