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We have treated 2 different times and they tell us that we need to sleep in our bed to draw them out through the spray and we have to have another treatment in 2 months and then 2 months after that but last nite after a spray I am ate alive with them what do I do they itch awful !
There are many effective and viable options for bed bug control and eradication, but one of the most widely-used methods is the use of chemicals. A pest company will provide a list of instructions on what should be done prior to chemical treatment, and these instructions must be followed exactly to ensure the most complete bed bug eradication possible. Chemical treatment is effective, yet in most cases requires more than one treatment to totally eradicate the bed bugs. This is necessary because the chemicals used to treat bed bugs, which can include dusts, powders, liquid and aerosol sprays, have little to no residual effect and therefore will be ineffective on a new crop of bed bugs. While chemical eradication is not the most natural option available for controlling bed bugs, it is safe when performed by a professional. Chemicals require all linens to be bagged and remain sealed through the entire (months) process and homes with above average infestation usually requires all furniture be thrown out. The amount you actually pay an extermination company is comparable for either heat or chemical.

This article, however, is intended for a national audience with the sole purpose of informing.
As the lead technician for Dead Hot Bugs in Columbus, Ohio he oversees every heat treatment. Once the bugs are identified in a home or business, they are very difficult to get rid of without the aid of a pest eradication service.
Eradication using chemical sprays requires many different precautions as well as preparation of the area to be treated before treatment, so it is best to choose a service to perform the spraying to be sure all steps are performed properly.
Pesticides used by a commercial dealer, or by a homeowner, will likely get rid of only the bed bugs present on the first pass. Call local exterminators who specialize in bed bug eradication to find out more about the processes and chemicals they use, and make an informed decision on bed bug control.
With heat, only items that can be damaged by heat (crayons, aerosols) need to be removed and excessive clothing usually should be run through the dryer and bagged throughout the process (one day with heat).
In some cases chemicals are the way to go, but in most heat treatments are far more efficient in the eradication of bed bugs.

Another treatment must be scheduled 10 to 14 days later in order to assure that any newly-hatched bed bugs are also killed. Among the chemicals most commonly used for bed bug eradication are natural or synthetic pyrethrins, inorganic materials like diatomaceous earth or boric acid and insect growth regulators like hydroprene. Typically, the first thought is to lump bed bugs in with your traditional pests such as roaches and ants. A total of three to five treatments with chemicals is a common occurrence in order to fully control and eradicate a bed bug infestation. Overall, chemical treatment will take up 8-24 hours just in treatment time and will continue for two to four months. Most heat treatment companies will offer a guarantee whereas this is less common with chemical treatments.

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