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The PC grow box design allows growers to cultivate any type of plant in this carefully disguised PC computer tower. Super Locker 2.0 is an 8 plant vertical grow box and represents an updated version of our popular Super Locker system. The Cash Crop 6 plant grow box includes carbon filter and lock and key type snap locking doors.

The My Grow Buddy 8 plant grow box is a plug-and-play system which allows beginners to quickly set up an efficient grow area anywhere that space and environmental controls allow. Simple glass frame system helps provide access to plants and shows the grower what is going on inside the grow space. By separating vegetative and flowering phase environments, growers can develop clones while growing other plants to maturity, which cuts down on the overall time needed for an entire plant cycle and harvest.

Also 6 plant hydroponic grow system with pump and oxygenator, 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, nutrients.

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