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If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of discovering fleas in your bed, there are a few options. Wash Sheets - hopefully the infestation is limited to the sheets, where washing the sheets will eliminate the problem. Keep the vacuum bag inside - as mentioned above, if you vacuum without getting rid of the vacuum bag, the fleas will just crawl out of the bag and restart the infestation. Ignore your pet - if you do not treat the fleas on your pet first, treating other parts of your house will not address the root of the problem. This is an issue that’s unfortunately still overlooked when people try to get rid of fleas in their home. Flea eggs can be hard to spot as they are less than 0.5 mm in size, white and sometimes even transparent.
When I got my first flea infestation, I searched all around the internet looking for solutions to get rid of fleas. The correct and most effective procedure for getting rid of flea eggs is to wash all blankets, bedding, sheets and pillows to get rid of both living fleas and flea eggs.
How to Make Your Own Homemade Flea RepellentThere are hundreds of homemade flea repellent remedies out there on the Internet. Join the discussion and share your experiences with others, who may be in the same situation as you.

This should definitely be a final resort, as flea bombs are toxic and require many hours to work. Do not spray raid bug spray or something similar on your bed as it can be detrimental to your health.
Flea eggs are the main population of a flea infestation, with up to 90% of the fleas being in the flea egg stage. If you have a serious flea infestation, you could try a flea bomb (also called a flea fogger).
Just remember these important steps and you will have no problem taking control of the situation. Sign up for my newsletter to receive my FREE checklist that can help you get rid of fleas today. Make sure to dispose of the vacuum bags afterwards, or the eggs will hatch within the vacuum bags and the infestation will continue. A female flea lays more than 30 eggs per day, so you could be dealing with hundreds of fleas within days and thousands within weeks. The first place to find these is on your pets, but they quickly roll off and land all around in your home.
These steps should be taken after you have addressed the problem on your pet, since the infestation typically begins with your furry friend.

The fleas won't survive the washer and dryer, so this may be enough to rid your bed of fleas. If you wait for a couple of weeks, the flea population could have increased from a few fleas to several thousands.
You can stop the flea life cycle by vacuuming floors and carpets daily and preventing the flea eggs from hatching with IGR, also known as Insect Growth Regulator. Then I stumbled upon a spray that would not only kill living fleas, but also stop the growth of fleas in earlier stages.
This is where most people fail and the reason why fleas are considered such a big problem today. Another effective way to get rid of fleas is with a steam cleaner that kills fleas instantly with hot steam. They will also fall off when your dog or cat scratches itself, and this will happen often when the flea bites start to itch. Spray all the areas where your pets rest as these are the most obvious places to find flea eggs.

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